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If you are or have ever been looking for a hosting company then you might have noticed that there seems to be an endless choice of companies, really there are hundreds of companies on the market. However if you are looking for a company that offers great rates as well as great services then you might want to give Zyma Hosting a shot.

Zyma has their home in Middlesbrough in the United Kingdom and was established in 2010, since then the company has quickly become one of the most popular hosting companies on the Internet.

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Zyma offers unlimited storage space, unlimited traffic/bandwidth as well as unlimited email accounts. Furthermore clients get free tech support as well as free setup and transfer of existing pages. As most developers will know as a site gains popularity not only will the traffic increase however the site will also grow substantially in size therefore it is great that Zyma doesn’t put any limitations on these.

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The first thing you are greeted with when logging in is the customer account area, this is where you can manage the different websites and domains you have connected to Zyma, secondly if you need any form of help then you can open a ticket directly from this page. Furthermore you can control your webmail from this area as well as examine your server status and much more.

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Perhaps one of the best features of Zyma is the fact that they have decided to use cPanel as their main control panel, most developers are probably familiar with cPanel, however if you are unfamiliar with this panel then let me tell you there is really no easier panel available on the market. Zyma offers a plethora of one-click installers, which make installing things such as WordPress and other blogging platforms really easy.

If you find yourself in the need of customer support then Zyma has plenty to offer, not only do they have a customer support hotline but they also offer a live chat. At the same time the company also offers access to a large knowledge base as well as several tutorials and guides.

When looking at the price it quickly becomes apparent that Zyma offers a very competitive pricing strategy. Signing up only costs £1.79 a month, you can either decide to sign up for one, two or three years at a cost of £21.48, £42.96 or £64.44. If you want to add a backup plan then this can be added for £19.95/year, furthermore you can add SSL protection annually for £29.95, finally the last choice when signing up is whether you want Whois privacy or not, this costs £4.95 a year. I must admit that I was a little surprised perhaps even disappointed to see that they don’t offer a discount for those who sign up for more than one year at a time, there should really be some sort of incentive for staying with the company for a longer time period.

Personally after having spent some time with Zyma I am sure I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable web hosting company. If you are looking for a company offering a plethora of different features then I would really consider Zyma Hosting. We are also happy to announce that Zyma is offering an exclusive 10% discount for our readers all you have to do is insert the following coupon code when signing up: INSPIREDM

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