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This is a guest post from Nick Metcalf – who makes websites, writes a personal blog regularly, likes taking photos and enjoys being creative. You can connect with him on Twitter

The world of WordPress has come a long way recently, with the release of 3.0 and also a big update to the smart phone applications, WordPress is becoming the market leading toolset in blogging and CMS. This article will review the latest release of the smart phone application, specially looking at the iOS releases but with some information regarding the Android, Blackberry and Nokia applications.

The iOS application was called WordPress for iPhone but with the recent release of the iPad, the name had to change to fall in line with Apple’s terminology. The application for iOS allows users to edit and add posts and pages and also approve/reject and make comments:

The application also allows users to upload images to their posts or pages from their iPhone’s camera or iOS’s photo library.

As you can see from the above image, the application allows users to add posts in very much the same way as they can online, modifying the tags, categories and even adjusting the status of a post.

The latest release, WordPress 2.5 for iOS (a very confusing name) adds a couple more goodies to the already impressive application. It offers performance and user interface enhancements as well as the usual bug fixes, what improves it no end is its support for fast app switching which will allow the application to start where you left off, saving precious time when you might be blogging on the go. And especially for the iPhone4, the images and UI have been optimised for the Retina Display.

I personally use the application to write blog post or ideas on the go, as well as manage the comments from my personal blog. I have also have it set up to work for some of the other WordPress websites I manage, these use WordPress as a CMS and work seamlessly.

The Android application is slightly different and offers the user the ability to add specific text formatting such as Bold and Underline. The Blackberry application adds statistics and a media library, this allows the user to manage the site or blog they host on the go, with only a few minor WordPress functions missing.

Briefly reviewing the other applications for the different OS’s has highlighted the major features omissions that are missing within the iOS release compared to the other applications, we can only hope that these features such as stats and media library viewing are being built into the next release.

The WordPress phone specific sites can be found below

WordPress for iOS

WordPress for Android

WordPress for Blackberry

WordPress for Nokia

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I have recently started writing tutorials, I sometimes make websites and write a personal blog regularly, I like taking photos and enjoy being creative. Oh and I have twitter (@nickmetcalf)