WIX Website Builder Review: Does WIX Have What it Takes to Strengthen Your SEO?

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Is your site prepared for the often frustrating world of SEO? Most people interested in building a site have heard of WIX, but we’ve seen some questions regarding the effectiveness of WIX’s SEO.

That got us thinking about it, because many people run sites on WIX, and it would be a shame if they found out that they weren’t moving up in the search rankings as well as with other platforms.

The WIX website builder is strong for beginners and even mid-sized businesses. The templates look sleek, and it’s by far one of the simplest drag and drop page builders you can find on the market.

I’ve looked at some of the SEO tools in the past, but it’s often hard to really get into whether or not search engines are giving favor to some platforms or not.

So, we’re going to take a deeper look into WIX, going past the rudimentary SEO features and truly understanding if WIX has what it takes to give you a solid online presence.

What Can You Expect from WIX in Terms of SEO?

Wix basically takes care of the technical SEO part, so new site owners don’t need to be troubled with it, and can focus on their business. However, users will need to address and customize some of items to make sure that their sites are fully optimized for search engines. Thankfully, they’ve made the whole process pretty easy, so let’s have a look below.

Easy Page Meta Tags and Heading Tags

Every page on the web can contain Meta data, meaning a page’s title and description. In the world of SEO, it is important to make sure that each page on your site has a unique title and description tag as to inform the search engines what your page is all about.

Once the search engine has looked over this info and processed it, your page can come up in the search engine results for a user’s relevant query. The key here is to use the best possible keywords in order to come up in the relevant searches for your business.

Since meta data is displayed in Google search results you really want to ensure that these are useful for both the search engines and for customers. At the end of the day, you really want that click – so make sure your title and description are user-friendly and not just placed there for search engines.

Wix submits your Meta Tag data directly to Google; all you need to do is update the information. All of this becomes extremely easy to do for your business as all the customization possibilities are available through the editor. All you need to do is get to the page SEO settings, and fill in your desired title and description.


In addition, it’s super easy to go in and customize the heading tags. Heading tags provide valuable info to search engines on what the main topics are of your web page. You can think of them as newspaper headlines – the most crucial info about the rest of the content will lie in the title.

You can see that adding a heading tag only tags a few short clicks below, it’s just a matter of knowing which Wix titles are associated with which type of heading tag. Easily enough – you can find all of the needed info about them over here


Image SEO

Another item which is useful to customize, is the alt tag of images. As much as the search engines are intelligent, it is still challenging for them to know what images are about. That’s why they need a bit of help, and the alt text is there to do just that! When a search engine crawler will read the alt text, it will be informed and able to bring up your image in a user’s query.So make sure to tell Google or other search engines what’s going on in your image.

WIX does a pretty darn good job of guiding you through this process and giving you quick fields for optimizing images. You can then go in there and modify it within seconds.


The SEO Wizard

Since SEO is not exactly something that people like to spend much time on, it’s useful when you receive a step-by-step guide for going through what needs to be completed.

WIX offers a large number of apps in its app store, and one of them is called the SEO Wizard. Once you install the app it walks you through all the steps you need to take to make your site search engine ready. The SEO Wizard will tell you if your page title and description are filled in and optimized, if your images are missing alt tags and more. It performs a mini audit of your page, to ensure you’re optimizing your page as well as you can. The App is really a must for any Wix user that wants to give their business a push. As we stated before, WIX is wonderful for beginners, and this seems to amplify that belief.

Perform 301 Redirects

Sometimes you need to carry the SEO value of an old page to another page or domain. This often occurs if you’ve created a brand new page or website for the same product or information. Not only does WIX have documentation to help you out with your redirects, but the interface is simple enough for keeping around your hard earned SEO.

Free, Custom Domains

This is one of the simplest ways to get your site to standout in the search engines. Most site builders have custom domains, but sometimes you have to pay for them. WIX gives it to you for free, which is a nice little bonus.

Will You Need to Hire an SEO Professional for Your WIX Site?

Let’s take a look at what an SEO professional generally does for you business. They will usually optimize your site so that the right keywords are attracting the search engines. This can be done on your own with the tools we talked about above.

Another method used by SEO experts is to distribute your links and business information to different local business directories all over the internet. These include Google, Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing and others.

site booster

WIX actually offers an app called Site Booster to complete this process for you. I’ve tried it out in the past, and the app does a wonderful job of collecting your information once and sending it out to the various directories. The app pretty much eliminates the need for this service in my opinion.

Another area of concern is speeding up the process of Google recognizing your site. If you launch a restaurant it’s crucial for Google to log your site within the first week. WIX has all the guidelines you need for contacting Google and ensuring your website is registered.

submit url

The SEO Wizard we talked about above has some nice tips, one of them being to submit your website to Google directly.

How Does WIX Compare to Other Site Builders in the Realm of SEO?

Comparing all of the website builders is a tough task, but it’s clear that WIX has some solid advantages over other options like Squarespace, GoDaddy and Shopify. The reason I say this is because the company does a wonderful job of compiling documentation that’s not too complex for when you’d like to see a little SEO boost.

They have imagery and step-by-step procedures that tie right into the simple interface on the backend. Therefore, all you have to do is read the process then complete it inside the website builder. In addition, you gain access to the WIX app store, which provides tools like the SEO Wizard and Site Booster, both of which cut out the need to go out and pay an SEO professional.

Needless to say, WIX may seem simple on the surface, but it provides the proper tools you need to gain traction with Google and Bing.

If you have any questions about the effectiveness of Wix SEO, feel free to drop a comment in the section below.

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