WIX review: perfect for the absolute beginners

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If you’ve attempted to make your own website at some point, you’ve probably heard of WIX.

WIX ads have been known to feature famous football players, and some of them have even run during the Super Bowl.

Although the exposure seems strong, does WIX have what it takes to support your growing website?

We’re here to take a deeper dive into the platform, revealing the aspects that are going to prove most helpful to you. We’ll also outline pricing, ecommerce functionality and who WIX is best suited for. So, keep reading to learn more and see if you should create a website with WIX.

WIX Pricing

WIX has a fairly complex pricing system, which doesn’t make much sense considering it’s a simple platform. Some might consider it a useful setup giving more options to businesses and individuals, but I prefer looking at maybe three or four plans and calling it a day.

WIX offers five plans, and you can choose between monthly or yearly pricing, both of which have pricing numbers that are never rounded up or down, making it look even more confusing. We’ll go over the yearly pricing (broken down into how much you’d pay per month,) since WIX advertises this pricing the hardest.

  • Connect Domain Plan – For $4.08 per month you receive a site with WIX brand ads, 500MB of storage, 1Gb of bandwidth, domain connection, Google Analytics, free hosting and premium support.
  • Combo Plan – For $9.75 per month you receive a site with no WIX brand ads, all features from the previous plan, 3GB of storage, 2GB of bandwidth, a customized favicon and no mobile ads.
  • Unlimited Plan – For $12.92 per month you receive all features from the previous plan, 10GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, the Site Booster app and the Form Builder app.
  • eCommerce Plan – For $16.58 per month you receive all features from the previous plan, 20GB of storage, 10GB of bandwidth and an online store.
  • VIP Plan – For $24.92 per month you receive all features from the previous plan, 20GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, priority callback, instant response and a professional site review.

WIX Features

Since the pricing plans are so spread out, it’s hard to hammer down the features you’re going to have access to. If you have any problems with this, feel free to scan the pricing plans above. However, there are a handful of features that stand out to use the most.

First, the drag and drop editor is almost flawless. You don’t need to worry about touching any code, and the modifications are reflected immediately. Setting up a rudimentary ecommerce site is possible, and the free and reliable hosting keeps your website up and running at all times.


The app market gives you the chance to expand your site with possibilities for social media, marketing, accounting and more, while the full blog boosts your SEO and helps you share free content with users.

WIX Ease of Use


As stated in the title, WIX’s strength is in the fact that it’s perfect for absolute beginners. The backend is offered completely through a drag and drop editor, and it’s super easy to use. Change your background, add images, access the app store and manage your ecommerce products all from a live editor, which shows your changes in real time. This is one of the better drag and drop modules we’ve seen, but if you’re really trying to customize with HTML and CSS, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

WIX Templates


The WIX templates provide simple layouts, but they look pretty amazing. In fact, this is one of our favorite parts of the WIX platform, since no one will be able to tell the difference between your WIX site and something more complex, built with, say, WordPress or Magento.

All templates are responsive, and hundreds of categories are listed for areas like events, blogs, business, photography and ecommerce.

WIX Ecommerce


The WIX Ecommerce plan is fairly affordable compared to many of the other options on the market, but does it give you the functionality you need? To start, you gain access to some ecommerce templates that are modern and stylish. The downside is that only 36 templates are provided in the store. So if you can’t find anything in there, you’re out of luck.

All templates are responsive, and you can create simple store galleries that feature your products. Track your orders, get paid through places like PayPal and promote sales with promotional coupons. The basics are certainly built into the WIX ecommerce platform, but you’ll need to implement several apps if you’re trying to expand. For example, social media buttons and email marketing options are not always built right in, but Wix has an interesting solution called ShoutOut (it implies an extra cost though). We’d recommend this for startups and inventors who want to test the waters without spending much money.

WIX Support


WIX support is wonderful for those who pay for the VIP plan. You get priority callbacks and instant responses to your inquiries, and you can always access the blog, knowledge base of forum. The problem rears its head when you only have a plan lower than VIP and you’d like to talk with someone on the phone or send in an email.

They basically send you through tons of questions in the knowledge base to keep you off the phone lines until it’s absolutely necessary to chat. Once you get past all that junk, you must setup a time for WIX to call you. In my experience, sometimes they haven’t called me at all, and the emails have taken a few days to get a response. Overall, it’s not my favorite support team in the world, but the pricing kind of reflects that.

Who’s WIX Best For?

WIX comes into play for those who are on a strict budget. By that we mean a budget that is close to zero. You can setup a site within minutes and even start selling products quickly, but once you’re looking to scale up, it gets tricky. Go with WIX if you’re a web design beginner, and consider looking elsewhere if you’d like full customization.

If you’d like to share your thoughts on your experiences with WIX, please drop a line in the comments section below.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.