WINNERS: DreamWear T-shirts and Posters

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Friday I’m in love, there’s no doubt about that. But also, Friday I love to team up with great companies and give away stuff to our awesome readers, like the t-shirts & posters from DreamWear that we gave away last week. And nevertheless Friday I love to announce winners as well:

A word from the sponsor

DreamWear was born to inspire ambitious dreamers to achieve their dreams. Inspiration is at the core of everything we design, create and articulate. We are striving to set new standards and ‘go beyond the garment’ through events and social enterprise activities.

We strongly believe in the importance of expressing your feelings and thoughts with the world. This is our vision: to provide a universal platform for ambitious dreamers to express their dreams.”

The Winners

  • Chris / olive shirt + poster

Congrats guys, you will be contacted later today by the cool chaps @ DreamWear. Thanks everyone for participating and stay tuned for a new giveaway later today!

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