WINNERS: 3 Subscriptions to Ultimate Designer Toolkit’s 60.000 Designer Items!

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A few weeks ago we launched a special Freebie Friday edition, giving away a Subscription to Ultimate Designer Toolkit’s 60.000 Designer Items to three lucky readers. Scroll down the the bottom of the post to see the winners and check out the 50% exclusive discount for Inspired Mag readers if you’re not among them!

What is  Ultimate Designer Toolkit?

Probably the biggest bundle for web designers & developers, sporting an astounding 60,000 items in one single pack:

As if 60,000 resources is not enough, your membership gives you 1 full year of unlimited access to download all the forthcoming goodies. Each week they add new premium resources that you can download, if you have the membership. Make sure you subscribe to their RSS feed to receive our latest updates.


GlaucidiumGnoma, Caspy & David – congrats guys and thanks everybody for participating! We have another two new competitions opened at the moment so try your luck there as well!


Didn’t Win? Get it for HALF the price – only $49.9!

If you didn’t win this time but you’d still like to enjoy the 60.000 items right away, consider using the INSPIREDMAG coupon while checking out on their site and you’ll get a $50 discount! That’s tight, you get the same value for only half the price, thanks to your Inspired Mag buddies!

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