Filmspiration – “Where The Wild Things Are” + Other 15 Amazing Spike Jonze Videos

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They first released a few images, then the poster and today the trailer, so everybody went nuts for nerd’s favorite indie flick of the year – Where The Wild Things Are. And boy there are a lot of things to go nuts about in Spike Jonze’s universe. So here are a few of them in random chronological order:

“Where The Wild Things Are” trailer

“Being John Malkovich” trailer

“Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice” video

“Beastie Boys – Sabotage” video

“Weezer – Buddy Holly” video

“Bjork – It’s Oh So Quiet” video

“Daft Punk – Da Funk” video

“Weezer – Undone (the sweater song)” video

“Fatboy Slim – Praise You” video

“How They Get There” short film

“Wax – Southern California” short film

“Lakai Skate” short film

“GAP” ad

“Levi’s – Fly Weight Jeans” ad

“Levi’s – Doctors” ad

“The Work of Director Spike Jonze” trailer

For the rest of Spike Jonze‘s work, you might want to buy The Work of Director Spike Jonze.

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  • Spike Jones is amazing and his DVD is great. It just so happens I was borrowing it and the person I borrowed it from asked for it back. This post is a nice substitute. Only thing is the where’s The Pharcyde “Drop” video? That’s an amazing concept.

  • This is very hot info. I think I’ll share it on Twitter.

  • Spike Jonze seems to work with the same people repeatedly but still manage to put together an eclectic group of work which is very impressive.