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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, tutorials, resources and other goodies. This week we look at Chrome extensions that boost productivity, amazing Illustrator tutorials as well as creative design for inspiration,  in the form of letterheads and much more.

20 Cloud Based Tools for Designers and Developers

loud Platform lets you build and host applications and websites, store data, and analyze data on various scalable infrastructure (Internet). Nowadays most of the websites and social networks provide features to store data and information in the cloud. These applications are fast, robust and offer number of features and space to save your precious date in the cloud.

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Must-Know Tips To Improve Website Usability

Who said it is that easy to design, craft and maintain great websites that are both beautiful and effective? Surely, there is a million of ways to do that, but also a million of ways to fail. Let’s see what to do to achieve the desired result.

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40 Best Free Ecommerce Web Templates PSD 2015

If you are going to make a new Ecommerce HTML site then you should take a look at the possible design aspects in the year of 2015. As everyone knows PSD is always the best format to make a graphics for web design and projects. In this article we come with the cool collection of high quality free Ecommerce PSD website templates.


15 JQuery Plugin One Page Scroll With Animations

Creating a Single-page website is becoming the latest trend which is being widely adapted by many website owners lately. The benefits of a Single Page website are that they displays all the essential features of your website on the home page, makes easy for the users to get all the required information within a single page. Bellow are 15 of the most popular and feature-rich open source jQuery plugins which can be used in creating a single-page website.

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How To Create an Insanely Great Website That Rocks

In the realm of websites, there are good websites and there are bad websites. Many of the great websites will stand out from the crowd because they work well, they are pleasing to the eye and they are full of the products, services and information you are looking for. Bad websites can also be memorable, but for the opposite reasons. Don’t let your website be memorable for something bad. Create a great website that stands out from the crowd and best serves your customers. Here are a few things you should be doing.


New Designer and Developer Resources – October 2014

Another month in the books as we continue to crush it here at Go Media. This month, I had an opportunity to do quite a few things that I normally don’t do. Specifically I joined the design team on a web design project. So, this month’s resources will be more design-focused as I was asking a lot of questions and being passed a lot of cool resources from the other members of the team.


10 Chrome Extensions for Web Designers to Boost Productivity

Website design process takes a lot of time and consists of a number of steps: starting from a search of inspiration and information gathering to prototyping, testing and even content filling. As a result, having the right tools, simplifying some of these steps, can make your work more efficient and enjoyable. Below is a compilation of the 10 best extensions that I’ve discovered.


Finding the Right Images for Blog Posts

What makes a great blog post? You’ve probably waded knee-deep in the web’s huge collection of bad blog posts, so you know how tiring and uncomfortable it is, right? The “blog bog,” I like to call it. Blog posts can turn out terrible for any number of reasons, but lacking quality images is one of the big ones. Believe it or not, there’s a lot to consider when picking images for blog posts, so read on and you can be sure to save yourself from the boggy qualities of bad copy.

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15 Handy HTML5 Animation Tools to Make Visually Appealing Websites

The new Google Web Designer is all about creating attractive and highly dynamic websites. The tool is extremely helpful in creating engaging HTML5 sites and ads. Developed in WYSIWYG approach, means there is no need for developers to get them involved into a complicated process of coding, while ensuring a high quality output which is design-oriented. What’s more, you are also getting easy-to-use settings for designing Google-powered ads and a lot more.

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Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

There is no need to mention that designers and developers in today’s technologically advanced era are working hard to let the users get the best experience and enjoy the ease of handling the gadgets. While designers are working on the visual appeal, developers are continuously working at the back end to make things work the right way. This week’s list of fresh tools and websites includes ToolsTools,Tools, Pixel Stickers, Photoshop Simulator and many more like these.


30 Examples of Creative Letterhead Design – Design Crawl

If you caught my post about letterhead design tips, then you’ll know that letterheads are an essential piece of branding material that says a lot about who you are and what you do. A professionally designed letterhead can go a long way with giving your business the image it needs to build confidence with clients. Having an instantly recognizable letterhead means that people and businesses you work with will always know when you’ve sent them correspondence.


4 web design trends for 2015 that will change your job forever

As web professionals we often look at other industries with disbelief at their failure to adapt to digital. The downfall of music retailing, the demise of companies like Kodak and the challenges faced by newspapers. But are we aware of the changes happening in our own sector? The web is now over 25 years old. Are we beginning to get set in our ways? Are we just as blind to changes as other industries?


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