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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, tutorials, resources and other goodies. This week we look at what strategies work for mobile UX, How you find your style as a designer, and much more.

Reverse-Engineering Your Life and Career with TemplateMonster

Are you a freelance web designer? Are you only taking your first steps in the field? Are you curious how other people like you manage to build their career from scratch? Then welcome to TemplateMonster’s interview with a freelance web designer Adam Ford, a school teacher who has once stumbled into web design and learnt how to bring sites live in 3 days on his own.


Mobile app UX design: What strategies work and why

Your app’s success is contingent on a combination of factors, but I feel as you probably do as well, that the overall mobile user experience (UX) tops them all. The apps that stand out in the market are those that deliver great UX. Now, there are a countless number of elements that when applied in an optimum combination make your app’s UX one that users don’t forget.

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Hero Images – Do They Live Up to Their Name?

Sorry, but I might sound kind of biased…I love hero images (and hero sections). For me – and please bear with me – they’re the definition of what web design should be. And I’m not even talking about their visual appearance. What I mean is their purpose. Or rather, their nearly perfect ability to convey a single idea really well. You see, in web design, we’re constantly taught that a homepage should have preferably just one single goal. If you want to achieve two things through your homepage, that’s too much.


Houdini: Maybe The Most Exciting Development In CSS You’ve Never Heard Of

Have you ever wanted to use a particular CSS feature but didn’t because it wasn’t fully supported in all browsers? Or, worse, it was supported in all browsers, but the support was buggy, inconsistent or even completely incompatible? If this has happened to you — and I’m betting it has — then you should care about Houdini.


Finding your own style as a designer.

I get a lot of emails from young designers often asking me on how they can find their own unique style.
And for some reason, most think that having a strong unique style goes hand in hand with being successful in the industry.


20 Useful WordPress Calendar Plugins

There are many times when you need to insert the calendar on your web page. For instance, if you are providing ticket booking on your site, you will need the calendar for it. Creating a calendar from the scratch would require lots of codes and of course your time. What is the point of writing it all down when you already have some very useful plugins in WordPress? If you need to embed a calendar in your website, you can use one of these plugins. Here is a list we have created for you so that you can take your pick.


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