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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, tutorials, resources and other goodies. This week we look at some amazing design quotes, great illustrator tutorials as well as how to build a strong business relationship and much more

LG’s curved monitor is an exciting option for web designers

If there’s one thing we’re all searching for, it’s the ideal monitor. Sure, there are other tools we need: a good mouse, an ergonomic keyboard, and operating system that doesn’t make us pull our hair out. But, it’s the monitor on which we design, and it’s the monitor that we spend 12 hours a day staring at.

Responsive Philosophy: The next generation of the responsive web

Responsive design, which allows designers and developers to build websites that adapt to every screen size, is one of the most empowering web tools to be adopted in the last decade.

80 Genius Design Quotes and Sayings

Design quotes can relate to motivation, creativity and inspiration. Design quotes can be any wise words related to this artistic field. There were so many quotes that we decided to make a whole post on them. Even though shared too many, we are showcasing only a few selected ones eighty selected ones. Do share your favorite design related quote using the comments section below.

Adobe launches Bracket 1.0, an open source text editor for web designers

Adobe has just released version 1.0 of Brackets, its free open-source text editor that’s built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, for coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Brackets is aimed at Web designers and developers, with focused features like Live Preview to easily jump between browser view and source code for quick edits, inline editors to work on specific bits of code without pop-ups or additional tabs, and preprocessor support baked in.

Best Illustrator Tutorials of October 2014

Adobe Illustrator tutorials have been the part and parcel of our blog. You all know that we have been jotting down best useful tutorials to help you all with the easy handling of Adobe Illustrators. With the hope that our monthly compilations are proving to be of help to let you master the skills of designing and coming up with cute illustrators.

The Best Fonts to Use for Business Cards

As a professional, you want to promote yourself in a way that says you’re serious about your work, but also to present yourself as your own person. Is there room for individuality in the business world? Absolutely. Find out how you can design your business cards specifically to communicate your unique personality while conveying an air of professionalism and sophistication. The office personality types below were inspired by this article from Forbes.

Build Strong Business Relationships With These 5 Tips

Working with clients is a part of any business. This is especially true when working with design clients. How you interact with your clients will determine if they become repeat clients or a one time deal. Below are some great tips to help you form great relationships with your clients. If you follow these tips consistently, your design clients will keep coming back.

25 Web Based Tools for Easy Web Development

While developing a website or a web application, you can’t under estimate the importance of development tools that help to simplify your tasks and complete your project in certain deadline. Web based or browser based tools not only produce some quality output but also spare your efforts and time while building a web app.

How to Design for Progressive Reduction

I’m a big fan of minimalist design, so whenever I have the opportunity to reduce the information presented on a screen to just the bare essentials, I’m happy. With that in mind, I realize that certain patterns that we (designers) want users to execute require learned behaviors. For this, we often use labels, tooltips, etc. so that users know where to go and what to do. However, this can often lead to visual clutter, especially when we start looking at mobile screens or applications with a shit ton of icons.

The one thing nobody designs

As design is a process for narrowing down the best solution, continuing to design means continuing to pursue better and better solutions. This is because design is a process, not an end result. People design interfaces, appliances, furniture, houses, CPUs, experiences, workflows, tools, etc.

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