Web Hosting Search – How To Find The Best Host For Your Blog

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WordPress did an amazing job by making it virtually free and instantly to set up a website (blog or not) and maintain it with just a few clicks from time to time. But what still keeps us busy and sometime unhappy is the fact that we usually don’t have the same almost-perfect relationship with The Host (off topic – you should also see the movie).

So here I am after a few bad hosting experiences asking everybody on Twitter for an advice – Where should we move the blog, now that it gets down every day with a swiss-made-clock precision?

We have received quite a few tips from happy users of a hosting service or another, but the greatest find was Webhosting Search – a small web app that helped us to find the best option for our needs, after compiling our specifications with their hosts rating and user reviews. Basically, from 158 hosting plans at the beginning, remained only 4 after completing the form in the advanced hosting search panel, and then we decided the right service after reading the user reviews.

So when you need of a new host for your blog, you should ask your Twitter friends and do some Google research, but you could also try this neat application (PS: they also have a nice articles archive). Please share other ideas in the comments. Cheers!

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