Web form design awards – a worthy challenge

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Designers and developers are remiss to be requested to do free work. It happens all the time. Friends, family, and random strangers of the internet all petition for hours of pro bono web dev labor. To them it seems like they’re asking for help with dog sitting. To those on the receiving end, these are requests to drop everything for the next three weeks, and then be on call for the interminable future.

Design contests are like that. Most people design stuff for free, only a few win. Amid all the excitement it dawns on them- they’ve been conscripted to do free work.

Not so the case with the JotForm Web Form Design Awards.

Here are a few reasons this contest stands out

That Aha Moment when you realize how much time you can save.

Building and working with forms is one of the most tedious parts of web development. Not only does the form need to be set up, but handling the responses needs to be dealt with as well. The Web Form Design Awards at its crux, highlights how easy it is to design and build forms using JotForm’s Form Designer.

Chance to earn money in the long term.

Although it’s only been mentioned in passing, the soon to be released Form Theme Store will be a marketplace for forms designs. Form designers will be able to submit their forms and make residual income off them.

All the other good reasons to participate.

The allure of winning, the motivation to work on a new project, a chance to have one’s creativity appreciated- all these are reasons people enjoy design contests. The grand prize is $7500 for the Best Form, along with many subscription prizes from respected companies around the web. Category prizes include $500 awarded to each winner of the six additional categories: Best Mobile Form, Best Survey, Best Contact Form, Best e-Commerce Form, User’s Choice, and the Worst Form category. Categories are self selected by entrants, so the winner of the Worst Form will be by their own choice.

The contest started on Nov. 4 and runs through Dec. 4. Sign-ups and submissions are already pouring in. Enter the contest here: http://www.jotform.com/awards/

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