How Web Design Trends Are Shaping the Latest Pre-Built Websites

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The design practices you put to use are most likely self-taught, and you are constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep your websites’ UI and UX designs modern and appealing. To make this happen, you may often find it necessary to take the time to familiarize yourself with the latest in web design trends.

It’s the same way with Be Theme’s professionals. They work hard to keep current with the latest trends, so they can provide web designers like you with pre-built websites that make it easy for you to produce websites that will amaze and captivate clients and end users alike.

To date, Be Theme’s authors and designers have created more than 200 of these pre-built websites, the latest of which we would like to share with you. Their designs take into account one or more of the latest design trends, including:

  • Hero images – what better way to capture a user’s attention?
  • Visual Hierarchy – design principle that influence user decisions, rather than just making a website look nice.


Subtle effects like parallax or hover effects – strategically placed to have a profound UX impact.

  • Using patterns effectively – to focus on important messages, or to point the user in a desired direction.
  • Using full width layouts – to emphasize the importance placed on the end user.

How These Trends Have Been Incorporated into the Latest Pre-Built Website Designs

Many of today’s websites have the appearance of being carbon copies of one another. There are several reasons for this, one of which is a need to accommodate mobile devices, a need that places certain constraints on website design.

There remains plenty of room for innovation however, as you will see in the examples shown here. Recent trends and practices include everything from streamlined and minimal designs, to the use of micro effects, long scrolling, and the aforementioned use of hero images.

By using these trends, website designs can attain a high degree of uniqueness. While this is true of these most recently launched pre-built websites, they still have a few things in common. Be Theme’s pre-built websites can be installed with one click, customizing them is easy, and no coding is required.


Be SmartHome


The main lines of this stunning website can be summarized as:

  • A subtle use of header effects. The header information is easy to locate, yet it is not intrusive.
  • Minimalist icons fit in well with the modernistic lines and patterns in the images.
  • Consistency in design, as exemplified by the close conceptual relationship between the graphic elements and the website theme.

This website also makes good use of perspective – see the pricing page.


Be Architect2


One of the things setting Be Architect2 apart is its minimalist design. Other trends that have been taken into account in this recent pre-built website release include:

  • Sound uses of visual hierarchy principles and techniques. Elements are placed in relationships that are designed to encourage user interaction.
  • An imaginative play on perspective, to engage the user by giving an impression of depth, as well as a sense of a brand’s innovative qualities.




This pre-built websites primary design differentiated features:

  • A friendly take on a corporate brand – as opposed to a stiff and formal introduction.
  • The use of colors that add to the friendly feeling by giving a sensation of warmth. The icons chosen are in keeping with the color choices.
  • Great use of white space that focuses the user on key information and calls to action.
  • The card-like design presents information in a way that is perfect for scanning.


Be Car


This is one of the more attention-getting websites you are apt to encounter, because:

  • The hero image is particularly impressive. It fits well with the website’s theme, and with its unique value proposition.
  • The color scheme is particularly smooth, modern looking, and well used – especially when combined with a nice use of white space.

What this combination of modern design practices delivers, could be summed up in a single word – elegance.


Be MakeUp


The modern design principles used in this website produce some truly awesome effects.

  • The header effect is just right. It is relatively unobtrusive. It does not take away from the image or the message.
  • Minimalistic icons help to give this website a tastefully modern look.
  • Hover effects have been smartly incorporated in the gallery.
  • The hero shot tells a story – it clearly states, and shows, what the customer can expect.


How You and Other Designers Will Profit from Using Pre-Built Websites

There are many benefits in store for you when you make Be Theme your WordPress theme of choice. There is a huge selection of pre-built websites (more than 200), including the latest releases shown here.

One click installation, and quick and easy page building aided by 40 powerful core features, and more comes with the package. Each pre-built website is customizable, so your theme choices and look and feel options are virtually without limit.

You have the popular Muffin Builder to work with. When teamed up with the Muffin Options Panel and the Shortcode Generator, you have a seemingly infinite array of design options to work with. You can build virtually any website type or theme, to whatever level of detail you want, without ever having to write a line of code.

If you want to start from a blank canvas, that’s fine too. You can rapidly turn whatever concepts or ideas you are carrying in your head into website realities.

Be Theme is the biggest WordPress theme ever, thanks to its 200+ prebuilt websites, its many core features, and a huge user base. Be Theme is big in terms of having a great reputation for support as well. It would seem that size really does matter.

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