Web Design Trend Hunting – 15 Amazing Infinite Scrolling Websites

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You don’t have to be a big fan of the scrolling bar, you just have to like an endless stream of cool stuff. And who doesn’t? So we’re ready to unveil 15 amazing examples of infinite blogs and a few tutorials on how you could set up something like that. For more interesting articles you should check the Web Design Trend Hunting series. As usual, feel free to suggest other cool examples in the comments.



Tumblr Dashboard








Do it for the fame


Look Book


But does it float




Reform & Revolution




Type Neu




Css Line


Bonus – Good things should never end



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  • I love most of the featured website,
    just in case… the url to cssline is wrong, it goes to flickriver. Just a minor problem, but hope you fix it.

  • Cool Round-up! Thanks for the inspiration! ;-)

  • justme

    Suprb, typeNeu and Reform&Revolution are all three from the same guy, and all three based on the same wordpress theme.

  • Bob

    Hmmm, really not keen on websites that scroll forever, it just seems to me to scream bad design at me. I much prefer sites to be concise and keep content to the window.

    My 2 cents.

  • Joost

    I really like the Orange/Good Things Should Never End one.

    http://www.arbitrair.com is also a good example

  • I prefer http://lookslikegooddesign.com/ but not sure if that’s the web design or more the strong images on the page

  • These are odd. It’s weird to have more page show up when you think you’re done scrolling.

  • It’s nice but, what you do if you can’t use javascript to navigate? Many of this sites wasn’t coded for that kind of problem.

  • Great Designs but its not so good to have more page show up when you think you finished the scrolling.

  • @Bruno Gama: If you don’t have JavaScript, you get a normal paging.

  • Scrolling websites are as good as any other thing. I like the Tumblr Dashboard trend very much.

  • nice, nice

  • I really like this design LooksLikeGoodDesign. Seems very clean, posts are clearly separated and the dark backgrounds really make each post stand out.

  • Nathan

    do check out http://www.dropular.net for infinite scrolling fun :)

  • diddy

    Good list, always wondered why there isn’t those css showcase sites with infinite scrolling cause that would work so well in those sites. Good to see working example on CSS Line now!

  • Thanks for the link to my article on “Making a Case For Endless Scrolling”!

    It inspired the creation of an alternative jQuery plugin called “De-Pagify”:


    It differs from other plugins in that it allows a bit more customization on what content to pull and making DOM change before/after it is added.

    You can view some “recipes” I made as all for FMyLife.com & Digg.com here:

  • Kyle Rickman

    A very nice surprise: http://yourscenesucks.tumblr.com/

  • Piotr

    I love endless scrolling in sites with Photos, graphics etc.

    Only one irritating thing is that sometimes it stops loading (tumblr very often) and you have to reload the whole page and scroll down again to continue watching the site.

  • Great points mentioned. However, a lot of how a website design looks depends mostly on the client and the subject.

    But it is great to see some general point highlighted.

  • sweeeeet!

    Great Points :)

  • Nice to see LookBook and Soup on here. Thanks for posting these sites. These are great to check out for hours of entertainment.

  • Good examples. I wrote an article about the best practices for using infinite scrolling. Maybe you’ll find it useful.


  • Goof collection. I love idea of it. Did anyone tried WP plugin? I would like to use it on
    But not sure if its working correctly. I don’t want to ruin it :(