Web Design Trend Hunting – The Circle As A Design Fetish & 20 Fresh Examples

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You can’t browse a decent CSS gallery without spotting a few websites with this sexy round detail, usually on the left, usually with a logo or a name in it, and usually extended as a favicon. We begin our journey with one of our favorite CSS galleries, the clean & creative oriented siteInspire and get to the biggest circle fetishist out there, which seems to be Richad Perez of Skinny Ships. Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!



Purple, Rock, Scissors




Cooper Lumen






One International


Campbell Hay


Proud Creative


Public School


Beyond the Pixels


Garriock & Associates




Zara Picken


Future Buro


Rick Banks


Remote Location


Estetically Loyal


Skinny Ships


So, as Banksy said:

thx jorge martins!

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  • davidperel

    Damn you beat me to it. I have also been collecting sites which follow the circle trend. Nice round up though, you got some which I missed. Personally I am enjoying this trend, I like the softness that they give a site.

  • Ha! Glad I was faster :P
    Congrats for your new start guys, thx for the comment, cheers!

  • Fantastic list! I like this this site. you got yourself a new fan

  • Nice roundup

  • jorgemartins

    As Banksy said:

    “Most Things Look Better When You Put Them In a Circle”


    • :)) Didn't know about this one, I'll add it to the post right now, thx!!

  • Great article! I love reading about these design trends. One day I'll update my blog(s). One day. Haha.

  • Nice collection, very interesting how so many are using the circle is very mych the same way.

  • Ram

    Circle design: http://sjelensspeil.no

  • Everything looks better when you put it in a circle

  • How about http://ateconsulting.net/? It only has circles, text and scrollbars.

    • Wow, Ate is on the top of the wave :D Nice find Aen!

  • How about http://ateconsulting.net/? It only has circles, text and scrollbars.

  • sahus

    very nice list! surely the circle designs encompass the companies branding and logo design so in their cases it's not really a trend but something that will stick with them for a long time!? However this has given me some inspiration for a new logo design so thankyou!

  • Nice examples. Here's another (also and incredibly inspiring source of design related work):

    Grafik Cache: http://www.grafikcache.com/


  • Jens Muster

    Saw loads of that shape on here! http://noncollective.com

  • Some great sites there, well done!

    Here is another resource for inspiration and some quality free fonts…


  • alone

    Great post!! Thank you!!

  • Nice roundup! I too love the circle

  • I was thinking the same thing about circles when I designed these logos :] –

  • The circle recall the ancient use of seals. The use of this shape is deep connected with the communication. Many old Italian Universities have their logo round.
    Nice theory anyway, I’ll try it me too. ^__^

  • This is a well-rounded list. I’ve circled it for further consideration. Had a ball reading it. Didn’t know circles had such a large sphere of influence in design trends.

    I guess if you are looking to be trendy, there is no point reinventing the wheel. Just copy what others are doing, regardless of the circular-logic you might use to justify your rip-off.

  • @Douglas Bonneville

    You had me rolling in the floor … almost laughing.

  • Love it! Thanks for posting this. I am in the process of rebranding my company’s website and logo, and my boss just approved a new logo with….circles!

  • How about that slick edition number circle over at A List Apart http://www.alistapart.com/

  • Azhar Kamar

    I love circular logos, I just made one for my blog a few weeks ago (the one in my gravatar). My logo was inspired by Ars Technica’s.

  • Nice post. Here is one I’ve been recently been involved with. Lovely free Ebook too. http://www.youarethemapmaker.com/