Web Design Goodies of the Week #8

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This week our friends from Web Design Goodies have selected some great graphic elements and resources for you (some of them free). Know some goodies yourself? Feel free to submit them to the site for next week’s roundup. Enjoy!

3200 Vectors | $37 | Details


Need a ton of illustrations in a really short time? Or maybe you just like looking through a slew of choices before deciding on that one perfect image for your project. Whatever the case, this Vector Mega Pack from Designers Folder is sure to make all other Vectors jealous!

Smashing Bundle  – Usability | $19 | Details


This Bundle Includes : User Experience Design (134 pages), Psychology of Web Design (272 pages), User Experience, Practical Techniques, Volume 1 (149 pages), User Experience, Practical Techniques, Volume 2 (145 pages),Practical Approaches for Designing Usable Websites (97 pages), A Field Guide to Usability Testing (97 pages)
Each of these six high-quality eBooks are provided in three DRM-free file formats: PDF, ePUB, and Mobipocket.

Stylish PSD Ribbons | $0 | Details


Four colourful ribbons with a 3D look and feel, stiched outer pattern, and a top shadow to create the effect of the ribbon dropping over its’ container. Have fun integrating it into your own design!

Verb Font Family | $9 | Details


Graphic artists know that the right font can elicit the perfect mood from your users. Finding the right one, however, can sometimes be tricky. If you’re looking for something new, it can be an exhausting hunt. Luckily, you’ve got us on your side! And with this action-packed Deal from Yellow Design Studio, you can get your designing mitts on the custom-made Verb Font Family, and save money too!

SEO Rank Tracker | $39 | Details


Optimizing your site isn’t the hardest part of SEO. No, the most frustrating and time-consuming part is checking your results. Doing Google searches for various keywords and then scrolling endlessly down the pages until you find your link. With Rank Tracker Pro, you can save all the heavy lifting for your computer. This powerful tool can easily calculate your rank and performer keyword research quickly and easily.

Smashing Bundle – Coding | $24 | Details

smashing-2-w1000-w1000This Bundle includes: CSS Essentials (281 pages), Mastering CSS3 (251 pages), Responsive Design (160 pages), HTML Essentials (106 pages), Mastering HTML5 (93 pages), HTML Semantics (71 pages), JavaScript Essentials (142 pages), Mastering jQuery (122 pages)
These high-quality bundle from Smashing Magazine will give you the lowdown on HTML and CSS, as well as the most-recent applications for Responsive Web Design and improving your JavaScript and jQuery skills.

Google Map Markers PSD | $0 | Details


These varied Google Map Makers are a fantastic set of resources to have in your design collection. They represent different things — a restaurant, telephone, gas, airport, rail station, and mechanic. It’s simple to implement these into an embedded Google Map!

Pixelated T-shirts | $18 | Details


They say, “the clothes make the man.” Does that mean the pixelated clothing makes the pixel man? Okay, we’re just teasing, but if you’re familiar with United Pixelworkers, you’re probably already a fan of the fun T-shirts covered with some great pixelated icons.

Collage Creator | $9.95 | Details


Believe it or not, though, digital photos actually make it easier to put your own collages together. Especially when you have a simple and powerful program like CollageIt Pro to help you along the way! The highly praised program for Windows and Mac OS X is just the latest Mighty Deal we’re proud to offer!