Web design goodies of the week #15

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Hey Guys!  The curators of our sister siter WebDesignGoodies have picked 1o beautiful  graphic elements and resources for you (some of them are free). Check them out, save them for your future projects and feel free to submit some new links for the next week’s roundup.

Korpo Serif Font (10 Variants) | $7 | Details



Isn’t it funny how a simple font choice can completely change how a reader interprets what they’re reading? No matter what the actual context, if a font is harsh and angular, it can evoke an aggressive tone. Soft and rounded and it exudes gentleness. So if you’re looking for a nice friendly font, with a unique yet familiar feel, take a look at the Korpo Serif Family.

50+ WP Themes and Responsive Templates | $27 | Details



Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have a mammoth library of your own filled with dozens of quality HTML5 templates to browser through and use anywhere and everywhere you’d like? Yes it would. That’s why this great deal from DXthemes is exactly what the Web Doctor ordered.

Vector Mania! 4400 vectors | $49 | Details


Got website? Well, have we got images for you. Thousands of images in fact. And they’re all 100% royalty-free vectors so you and the Internet can have one rocking picture party!
From the graphic gurus at Vectorain, you can now get 4,400 vectors for just $49 in this excellent Deal! Plus, for an extra $8 only, you can also get 100 Stock Images added in.

Psd iPad Perspective Mockup | free | Details


This perspective psd iPad vector mockup template is a detailed and fully-scalable vector shape iPad psd. We have created a tilted perspective view that will help complement the way you showcase your app and responsive web design. Just drag and drop your design on the smart layer.

Gorgeous iPhone/iPad/Android Mobile GUI Toolkits | $19 | Details


Whether you’re looking to create an iPad, iPhone, or Android app, this triple-bundle Deal will help you knock your design out of the park. Thanks to your friends at Mighty Deals, you can get the ultimate Mobile GUI Design Components and Icons for a fraction of the regular price.

Ventography Script Font by Måns Grebäck | $15 | Details


Words can do more than tell a story. They can portray a picture too. With the right font, you can not only get a message across but also convey a specific mood, tone and atmosphere. But you don’t want just any old font, do you? You want something unique. Something special. Something no one’s ever seen before! And that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Ventography Script font from Måns Grebäck.

Psd Flat Social Icons | free | Details


A set of 16 flat inspired social icons in a psd file. The icons follow the new trend of long shadows that make them pop from the background. Edit the psd and add more icon shapes according to your needs.

10 Professional Facebook Page Templates | $17 | Details


Anybody can create a Facebook page. You can easily just add any photo you’d like and set your page up in an instant. But how effective will it be at driving traffic to your website? How professional will it look for your business? What you need are some Facebook Page Templates, where the heavy lifting has been done for you. Just update the necessary information and images, and you’re ready to go.

Gorgeous Premium WordPress Theme Bundle | $19 | Details


So you’ve got a WordPress website. And it’s full of great content. Cool products, killer photos, and a fabulous blog. It’s all great except… well, your overall template is the poster child for dullsville.
You need a new look. Something that screams cutting edge. A site that visually rocks! In other words, you need this extraordinary deal featuring 3 professional Rockable Themes!

Subtle Dark Patterns | free | Details


Volume 1 of our subtle dark texture patterns background with 4 dark tile patterns ideal to create a subtle and original dark texture for your next project.