Web Design Goodies of the Week #11

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Hey Guys! Check out some great graphic elements and resources selected by the nice chaps at Web Design Goodies.  Know some goodies yourself? Feel free to submit them to the site for next week’s roundup. Enjoy!

3D eCovers for Photoshop | $24 | Details


If you sell Web apps, software, or even eBooks, there really isn’t much to offer in terms of a visual appeal of a product. Instead, you just have the software itself, but no neat box art to entice anyone. Yeah, screenshots only get you so far.But with this professional new set of high-quality eCover action scripts and smart templates from 3DCoversPro, you can quickly give your boring-looking eProducts a fantastic 3D facelift!

Copywriting Bible | $24 | Details


StartupPlays’ The Web Copywriting Bible is an online interactive guide to help you write effective copy for the Web. How you pitch your product is as important (if not more) as what you’re actually selling. This guide is preloaded with a task list, expert tips and document templates. With specific milestones, you’ll get tips, tricks, and various tools to accomplish each task and get the knowledge you need for growing awareness about your site. This isn’t just your basic “how-to” sort of guide. It’s a super technical hands-on approach.

32+ Responsive WordPress Themes | $27 | Details

Wordpress-themes-w737Bored with your current website’s layout? Need a fresh coat of paint on your blog? Or looking to get in on this whole “responsive web design” so your site will actually look good on mobile devices? Whatever your reason, this deal can satisfy all those requests at once. This collection of premium responsive WordPress themes from WPtriumph offers a large selection of high-quality, easy-to-use themes that are sure to give your blog the treatment it deserves.

205 Killer Photoshop Actions | $17 | Details


Photoshop can do some magical things. By combining all sorts of tools, you can literally make thousands of variations to a single photo. And with Photoshop action sets, you can do it all with pretty much just a click.
If you’re looking for a ton of new creativity to add to your Photoshop toolbox, then have we got the Mighty Deal for you! From PhotographyPla comes a massive Photoshop Action Set Bundle!

Responsive Slider + 3 WP Themes | $19 | Details


If you’re looking to really wow your readers and grab their attention the instant they land on your website, you need the Responsive Extra Slider. This amazing WordPress image slider is currently the only slider online that offers a combination of Google Fonts, CSS3 effects, and a responsive slider.

Auto-Typing App | $11 | Details


Web designers save oodles of time in Photoshop courtesy of shortcuts. Using a combination of keys can save a few precious seconds from grabbing the mouse, finding the menu, and clicking on the right action. Over the course of a day, that can certainly add up. But what if you find yourself typing a lot of the same text? Whether it’s replying to tons of customer service emails or writing up loads of content. Using Jitbit’s innovative AutoText application, you can assign an abbreviation to any frequently used text snippet. It’ll save you tons of time, while continuing to be polite and responsive to your customers or colleagues.

3,000 High Quality Stock Vectors | $47 | Details


High quality stock vectors can save you tons of time in creating new projects, whether you use them as-is or as the jumping off point for your own designs. But those high quality vectors can be incredibly expensive. That’s where this awesome deal from Vectorain comes in. You’ll get 3,000 Royalty-Free vectors – a $2,700 value – at the unbeatable price of only $47! That’s an average cost of $1 for every 63 vectors.

ProductShotPro | $37 | Details


ProductShotPro for Adobe Photoshop® is a beast of a tool that effortlessly converts your 2D designs into tangible, 3D-style product shots in seconds. They didn’t call it ‘Pro’ for nothing!
With this tool you can create software boxes, CD/DVD covers, binders, eBook covers and so much more. You literally just drag and drop your images, click, and forget about it, it’s done and ready to go. And no effort!
We’re giving you the full Complete Suite of ProductShotPro for a mere $37. That’s an incredible 81% off the regular price of $199. We’d say this is an awesome and sweet deal for a super professional package for all designers out there.

Breezi Website Builder for Pros | $25 | Details


When you build websites for a living, you get to pick and choose your clients. While it’s always tough to turn work down, sometimes projects are so small, they’re not really worth your time. But what if you could crank out some of those smaller projects, without eating up all of your valuable time?
With the online web design app Breezi, that’s exactly what you can do. The powerful program helps you out every step of the way to let you quickly create professional, polished custom websites.

Image Lightboxes | $27 | Details


Photos can be a key component of your website, no matter what your content. And these days, how you display your photos is as important as what you’re showcasing. That’s why Visual LightBox is a no-brainer for anyone looking to give their web gallery a gorgeous face-lift. And thanks to this Mighty Deal, you can save over 60% on this powerful application for Mac and Windows.