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web design goodies logo
To coincide with the recent relaunch of Web Design Goodies I was asked by Catalin to redesign the logo. The aim was to create a slick combination mark that would fit the theme of the website and be instantly recognisable as a standalone mark.

Here’s a breakdown of the process I took in order to try and achieve that goal:

1. First, I did some research on Web Design Goodies in order to familiarise myself with the website, find out what it was all about and to see what “goodies” it had to offer.

2.  Started the ideation process by looking up the definition of the word ‘goodies’. This is something I often do at the start of a logo design project because I find that certain descriptive words help trigger new thoughts and ideas.


3. Wrote a list of words associated with the words ‘web design’ and ‘goodies’.

word association

4. Used the list of associated words to help generate ideas for the logo mark, which I then sketched out on paper.

goodybag sketches

5. Took what was initially my favourite idea, which was to use curly braces ({ – used to surround declaration groups in CSS) to form the handle of a goody bag, and did a couple of mock ups in Illustrator.


6. That idea wasn’t really working so I went back to the drawing board and found myself leaning towards the idea of symbolising ‘candy’ (a synonym of ‘goodies’) or something similar that would fit the description of being ‘desirable’ or ‘pleasant’.

7. I sketched out some more ideas before eventually landing on the concept of again using curly braces but this time to form the icing on top of a cupcake.

candy sketches

8. I then mocked up the idea in illustrator.

cupcake mockup

9. Happy with the result, I polished up the design and added a few subtle details.

cupcake details

10. Chose an appropriate colour scheme.

cupcake color scheme

11. And finally, added the accompanying type using a simple sans-serif that wouldn’t distract from or clash with the mark itself.

web design goodies logoMyself and the guys at Inspired Network are more than happy with result. What do you think of the new logo? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Sam Jones is a freelance designer and the owner of one man design studio, Sivioco. His work spans multiple disciplines such as brand identity, design for print, web design and illustration. If you would like to get in touch feel free to drop him a line via Twitter @Sivioco.

  • Joanna

    Nice design idea, could you have tried 2 smaller brackets on top to contrast, not sure on colour-seems bit subdued, perhaps not playful enough.