Music For Productivity: Wavves – King of The Beach

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There are some people who need constant audio companionship to keep us sane/motivated. Music is the soundtrack to our creativity. It makes work possible, helps define who we are and adds just enough fuel to our day to get us over most major hurdles. Each week, thanks to our friends at Inspired Mag, we aim to bring you a new musical suggestion, complete with a recommendation for its “intended use”. We hope to explore the full spectrum of musical tastes, so check back each week! Please note: this isn’t intended to promote new music, just music (form any time) that drives us.

Wavves - King Of The Beach

Artist: Wavves
Album: King of the Beach
Genre: Noise Pop

I don’t know about you, but we have summer fever here at Paper Tiger. Frankly, this winter was brutal in New Jersey. It was one of the worst winters I can remember. For a short time, we had a snowman working here but he failed a mandatory employee drug test, stole my VW and wrapped it around a telephone pole down the block from the office. There was snow everywhere. We don’t miss him though. He was a useless pile of s$&@! (snow).

Earlier today, we were thinking of ideas on how we can convert our dilapidated back yard into a garden of Summer wonder. We pictured ourselves sitting outside, sipping iced tea, discussing documentaries we watched on Netflix. Our computers? They’re inside. Let the ghosts make the websites.

One of the first things we need to hook up back there is a nice set of speakers so we can listen to records, and the first record I want to put on is King of the Beach by Wavves.

Wavves is basically one person. Nathan Williams. Williams is well known for having some kind of pill-induced mental breakdowns from time to time.

King of the Beach is a really fun record to listen to. The lyrics are goofy and the songs are full of lo-fi, noisy, Summer hooks. It’s perfect for cleaning up your back yard, rearranging your office furniture, and getting ready for Summer in general.

Intended Use: Preparing your workspace for Summer. Think California Raisins, Uncle Jesse on fire.

Preview this album:

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