Vintage 2.0 – Glossy Retro Takes Over Web Design

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An Inspired Mag reader said a few posts ago that the round corner buttons are dead. I think precisely the same mate, I know how you feel about the so-called web 2.0 buttons and shiny blingos! But what about this new futuretro style, that combines the web 2.0 (clean) look with a vintage touch?

We’ve made a roundup of 25 websites that mix the retro with the shiny. What do you guys think about this style?
Feed Stitch


The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely


Mister Aero


The Blizzards


Cottonseed Oil




Bestial Design


Big Cartel


The NY Moon


Team Fortress 2


ISO 50


Belvoir On For Britain


Aespec Studio




Frisk Web





Field Notes




Level 2D


Get Satisfaction


Singularity Concepts


Black Moon Design


Kid Acne


Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • This design approach really suits certain products and brands – the Belvoir Fruit Blog is the best example you have. The majority seem to be just pastiche and you wonder why they’re using it.

  • I love these vintage designs!

  • Awww. You must have missed my @ reply. I said I ♥ ‘s retro design :P

  • Awesome compilation!

  • I knew I was onto a good thing when I helped design – Victorian Lowbrow meets Australian street art. Also Skulls will always be cool.

    I like this list, field Notes is cool.

  • What parts of “vintage” are being preserved? At what point does it just become “Web 2.0” It must be the CYMK palette that sustains the printed look, because the 3D shapes and typography are a mesh of genres. Great collection!

  • Nice collection. Some weird applications of the style (retro SEO?). There’s something to be said for tactileness other than basic rounded corners. The feedstitch illo is cool.

    Check out this one I came across the other day:
    …Technically speaking their logo is an example of poor screen printing registration. Looks like they should stick to making shoes. ;-)

  • Thanks for including my site (!

  • Very inspirational stuff. Even so I don’t love the retro-look it’s still combinable with new styles and looks.

  • Wonderful insight into a recent trend!

  • truly inspiring collections. Never before seen images. like them very much. thank you

  • Really a good collection that shows latest trends being followed. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cool to see an Irish Band’s website in there :) (The Blizzards)


  • Quite interesting :)

  • Hey! Thanks for mentioning us ( on here. We changed the site earlier in the year from a well received previous design (appeared in Smashing Magazine amongst others) and seeing this made us think we made the right decision.

  • Very interesting, thanks!

  • Nice list.

    btw: you listed ISO 50 twice.

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  • Really inspiring!

  • milescartwright

    I truely feel this is the future of design. I think everyone is sick of the slick look. The technology outlets in this world have brought us to this world of intangible goods, and this style makes us feel more connected to it. LET GO OF THE IPOD LOOK

  • karatejon

    I think it all depends who your target audience is. I realize that the design community is very into the retro look right now, but in all practicality the majority of the websites I've seen using that design style are designed for designers… kind of an echo chamber effect.

    I think it's more important to produce well-designed pieces in multiple styles rather than to jump on the bandwagon as each new trend comes along.

  • this is a great collection of sites, but i’m not sure that it’s indicative of a “trend”. this style has been around for years already (predating the glossy, slick look). some of these examples themselves are pushing 5 years old.

  • Hmm… nice!

  • Billy S.

    Becareful not to confuse the terms, “retro + vintage.”

  • woow, nice stuff, i have book marked it

  • Man, there are some gorgeously designed sites out there – regardless of how new or not they are. Thanks for putting the list together.

  • I am a big fan of the retro-styles. That’s is why I chose a retro font for my logo. This is truly an inspirational compilation, thank you for sharing.

  • Lovely designs

  • DD

    I enjoyed looking at these. I agree with karatejon that it depends on the target audience whether the style is appropriate. One site really stood out to me for its simplicity, even though it might not have been the most visually attractive. AESPEC. Some sites were visually interesting, but hard to understand at a glance which I find irritating.

  • Interesting collection with some great vintage and retro sites.
    Good work!

  • Very nice post. I do love this style alot and wish to do something of the same type for myself or a client in the near future

  • very nice post, thanks

  • bango

    Very nice list,
    Check out this one with a girly retro style :

  • I love the vintage style on websites. In a way the vintage doesn’t seem vintage since it uses a lot of new elements in addition to the vintage ones. Great post!

  • Hi, really nice style in dis websites Portfolio……

  • Xavi

    Another vintage design

  • Very interesting design, thanks!

  • The The NY Moon website is really slick and has excellent typography.

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  • Soulsliver

    Nice collection. I agree with Karatejon and DD. It´s all based on my target audience. I hate the idea to just use one style because it´s “the big thing” to do to be hip. Those designs are a little hyperactive and hard to read and it feels like watching an old MTV video :). But as I said before. It´s a matter of target audience and content that defines the design. My main goal as a designer is to build the design around the content. not the content around the design.