The Importance Of Video In The Content Marketing Mix

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Most people believe that content marketing is simply the process of using “content” to attract links for SEO purposes and admittedly, to a certain extent, this is true. However, content marketing is much more than this; it’s the process of effectively marketing your business through the distribution of various forms of content and establishing yourself/your company as an authoritative figure within your industry.

A lot of people get the whole content marketing concept entirely wrong; if you’re just about to head over to ArticleBase to submit those ten articles you’ve just had produced by an Indian writer you hired for $0.01 per word on DigitalPoint, I’m talking about you. This isn’t content marketing (well technically it is I guess, but it’s unlikely to have any positive results these days).

Even if you’re not still stuck in the 90’s when it comes to SEO, you’re probably not utilising many different forms of content such as video. Blog posts, guest posts and even infographics seem to be the top of everyone’s list but still, video never seems to be utilised anywhere near as much as it should be.
Personally, I love video, and I think it’s more important than ever to include it in your content marketing mix; here’s a few convincing reasons why:

Video Can Attract A Lot Of Links (Diverse Ones Too!)

Ok, I’ll get the “SEO” point out of the way to start as like I said, that isn’t what content marketing is all about.
The great thing about video is that, like an infographic, you can embed it and share it all over the place. If you choose to host the video on your own site, you can control the embed code and ensure that anyone sharing the video links back to you.
Even if you choose YouTube (or another video hosting platform), you can still attract a load of links. Uploading to video sharing sites alone is going to get you a few nofollow links if you choose to add a link to the description and although this won’t help your rankings, it will help to build a more diverse link profile.
It’s also likely that doing this will get your content in front of more people as most video sharing sites have huge audiences. Videos uploaded to YouTube can usually rank pretty well on Google too, so choose subjects wisely.

Video Is More Personable

Writing a blog post is great. Producing a well designed, well branded infographic is also great; but producing a video is definitely a much more personable way to present content to your audience – and people love people, it’s human nature.
This doesn’t mean you have to be a super-talented presenter or even be featured in your video at all; in fact, there are plenty of ways to get your personality and brand across in a video without featuring anyone at all but if possible, real people always helps.
It can also be quicker than creating a blog post too. If you know what you want to say (e.g. for a tutorial or “whiteboard” style video), it’s going to be as simple as simply setting the camera up and rolling.
Simple videos like this can usually be edited quite easily and uploaded in just a few minutes.

Video Brings You A Whole New Audience

One of the best things about video is that it gives you the opportunity to attract an audience that you simply wouldn’t attract with a blog post or infographic. For example, all the major social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc) now automatically embed videos from most sources within the site whenever they’re posted.
This means that if you post your YouTube video on Facebook or Twitter, your target audience won’t even have to leave the site to view it as they can watch it right there in the news feed.
This allows you to engage with the social network audience(i.e. lazy web browsers) much more easily. People on social networks often simply can’t be bothered to click on links and read a thousand words of content, they’re just looking for interesting news as they scroll down their feed.

Video Is Better Suited To Mobile Devices

Have you ever tried visiting your favourite blog on a mobile device? If you have, you probably had to go through the process of zooming in and out of the content and even then, it can hard to read on such a small screened device.
Of course, a lot of blogs are now investing in responsive web designs, standalone mobile sites or even in some cases, apps. However, the fact of the matter is that video is always going to be easier. If you click to play a video on a mobile device, it simply loads up an starts playing – no effort required.
What’s more, with mobile networks around the world becoming faster than ever (LTE/4G), delivering high definition content to mobile devices will soon be easier than ever. It’ll stream in high quality without the user even having to wait.


Essentially, video is fast-becoming the preferable type of content across all devices. There are a tonne of statistics out there (here’s 101 of them actually) that demonstrate just how popular video is, so it’s easy to see that in this day and age, it NEEDS to be included in your content marketing mix.

Author Bio: This is a guest post by Joshua Hardwick, the founder of ShortyMedia, a video production company based in the UK specialising in cost-efficient, high-quality web videos. Joshua is also passionate about online marketing and regularly writes for a number of websites. You can follow him Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

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