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Many web designers know that it can be really difficult to find contact forms that do their design justice. Often web designers spend a lot of time and energy on the web design, only to then forget the most important things such as contact forms.  Often designers simply don’t have the time to create a new contact form from scratch; therefore they sometimes end up with a product they are not really happy with. Now thanks to vCita, outdated contact forms and appointment booking solutions are a thing of the past.

vCita has a special Web Professionals Program aimed at web developers, online marketing consultants and web designers. vCita offers great tools for web designers looking to make their clients websites run as effectively as possible. They offer everything from contact forms, to appointment scheduling and much more.

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Especially useful for web designers are the custom-made contact forms plugins; unlike ordinary contact forms those created by vCita encourage visitors to contact you. If web designers are looking to add an appointment booking service to the website then vCita also has this covered.

If a web designer implements one of vCita contact forms or appointment booking solutions on a website for a client then the web designer will make 30% in commission of what their clients pay for vCita every month. Furthermore vCita offers users access to a unique web designer console from where users can configure vCita add-ons for your use on their clients’ websites.

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So how much do you think signing up for the web professionals program will set you back? While you are probably thinking about a large number here’s the kicker, most of the features vCita offer are free.  If you need to know immediately when a visitor contacts you or sets up an appointment then vCita offers a paid version that includes SMS notifications for quick follow-up.

vCita also offers three different paid packages, these can either be purchased individually or as an ultimate package where all three packages are included. If you want to collect credit card payments or PayPal payments with vCita then you can sign up for their invoicing package. If you just need SMS notifications as well as more customizing options then you can sign up for the Lead Gen and Contacts package. All packages cost the same $9.95/month if you are paying annually or $14.95 if you are subscribing on a monthly basis. If you decide that you want to go with the Ultimate package then the total cost is $19.90/month if you are paying annually or $29.90/month if you are subscribing on a monthly basis. As you can see in the pricing table below if you sign up for the Ultimate package you are actually getting the third package for free.

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After having used vCita in the past and now with their program directed especially at web designers I am sure more and more designers will sign up for their services, instead of spending hours of their valuable time trying to create contact forms from scratch. I am sure in the future I will advice my clients to use the solutions created by vCita.

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