Why UX is not 100% UI

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IT courses would often advise that a misguided path is thinking that UX is equivalent to UI. The thing is, user experience (UX) is almost always affected by user interface (UI) but is not solely based on it. Clearly put, “the interface must not be solution or the be-all or end-all of a website.” In this article, we will discuss some more factors for websites’ user experience.

Factors Indicating Good User Experience on Websites

1. Engagement and Interaction with Users

Since its inception, the web demonstrates a lot of capabilities enabling people or netizens to interact with each other. Even before social networking sites were “born,” there were already sites which stand to provide efficient communication services such as forum sites and blog commenting sections. Everyone on the web can post their responses and allow others to react. Getting this basic online principle, interaction and engagement with users play a crucial role in the user experience as much as the interface of your site. Without this portion in your page, the design itself may be useless.

2. Usability

Usability is also one of the highlights of a website. It is rewarding as users would always want to search for answers in your site. They want to be free from questions and doubts. A smooth site navigation would improve the user experience and utilize the functionalities of your website further. Elements such as the navigation bar, sidebars, headers, footers, page navigations, categories and tags can be used and design as visually attractive as possible to aid in bringing about user-friendliness and thus enhance user experience.

3. Creativity

Creativity does not involve only the colors of the background, size of fonts, designs and sizes of buttons used in your website but also the structure of your content or how the content architecture is designed. As users are often seekers who explore your site, a good presentation of your content will help them quickly understand it. A clever framework of your categories can be posted as a sitemap. This is to users to follow and trust your content inherently.

Creativity may be described here as a combination of accessibility and usability. It pokes users to have their first impressions on the site that build up their overall user experience. To be successful on this, there’s no need to capitalize on expensive and the latest technologies. IT courses can help you rearrange different elements and lay them neatly for users to view. Group your information to certain related topics and optimize site flow.

4. Branding

Designing a website is not a matter of putting striking elements and complementary colors together. It is mostly about showcasing your brand and embracing a theme for all your products and services that you offer. Branding a website can increase conversion of sales targets and make customers or users remember your company more. Remember that your site should show your company’s identity and this image would be put to the users’ minds every time they think of your brand.

5. Consistency

Last but not least, a major factor that can make or break a good user experience is the consistency of your site design and layout. For example, you can place the page navigation of the site on the bottom of the page and the logo on the top left and these must be positioned on every page. These objects would help the users create a mental map and be more familiar with the usage of your website. Great visual designs captures their eyes, but it is only consistency that can make them understand how you convey your key information and site’s purpose.


User experience is really a crossover of all these factors above. Sure, the user interface is a large part of the picture. However, you should always consider the “feel work” of your website as well. Combine all these and you can be successful in establishing great relationships with your users and making them feel more comfortable in your site.

Author Bio: +Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, a holder of a Marketing Diploma and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.

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