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The use of mobile devices with different screen sizes for accessing the World Wide Web is growing rapidly. There are businesses that handle this state of affairs by having a separate mobile version of site. But maintaining two websites is a difficult task and moreover this does not help you rank on Google.

If you want to improve the conversion rate of your site and ensure the site also ranks well on SERPs, you need to go for responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

RWD is a designing concept aimed at crafting websites that render effectively on all devices irrespective of their screen size or resolution. In short, RWD offers a consistent experience for those browsing your website or reading your promotional email on a desktop monitor or 4-inch smartphone screen.

Responsive web design uses media queries to figure out the resolution of the device being used.

A quick rundown of mobile stats

  • In 2012, The Radicati Group came out with a survey that said by 2016 the total number of worldwide email accounts are expected to increase from 3.3 billion to over 4.3 billion a; 730 million of these accounts will be accessed via mobile or tablet devices.
  • Today, more than 17% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • Mobile based searches make up one quarter of all searches.
  • If the website is mobile-friendly, 70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within one hour. But if the site is found to be non-mobile friendly, you stand to lose 40% of this figure.

These statistics make the necessity of having a mobile-friendly design absolutely clear. It is really very simple – If you’ve a mobile website, your business will do well; otherwise, it will suffer.


Let’s look at examples of some brands that have experienced business growth by implementing responsive design:

  1. Crocs, a global footwear retailer, showed an overall 7.66% increase in click-to-open rates by using responsive email design.
  2. O’Neill clothing achieved impressive results after going responsive; conversion increased by 65.71% on iPhone/iPad and by 407.32% on Android devices.

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How RWD can help increase Conversions?

RWD Provides Better User Experience

People don’t judge a book by its cover; the same goes for your website. An aesthetically appealing website will only take you so far; you need to offer website visitors something more to increase conversion.

This ‘something more’ is a highly satisfying user experience. A good user experience can help improve the conversion rate of your website.

A responsive website offers better user experience when compared to a normal website; this not only encourages customer retention but also acquisition. This means more sales from loyal customers and new sales from new visitors.

Similarly, consider using a responsive template for your marketing emails as well. This will ensure your email is optimized for your readers on all devices – be it a smartphone, tablet, netbook or e-reader. Providing a consistent and exceptional user experience for your emails and website will help turn more visitors into buyers.

RWD Helps You Stay Relevant

Reports suggest that your site has about 3 seconds to grab user’s attention. So, if you fail to capture visitor’s attention within this time frame, you have lost them. Outdated websites mostly fail to capture visitors’ attention.

If your website was created or redesigned a few years back, it will look archaic and not a good fit for the present times. Visitors of such websites usually abandon them without taking any action. It is important that your site looks fresh and extremely presentable. By implementing RWD for your site, your site will look professional and current to your visitors.

Moreover, a responsive website gives visitors the impression that it is actually alive as it keeps meeting the changing demands of target audience and also adapts to changing technology. This helps enforce trust in visitors; and all marketers worth their salt understand that it is only trustworthy sites that deliver huge conversion rates.

Offers Optimized Marketing

The main objective of any business is to reach as many consumers as possible. RWD helps you reach a large cross section of your target audience irrespective of the Internet-enabled device being used by them. On the other hand, a normal website or unresponsive email fails to cater to the needs of smartphone or tablet users triggering site abandonment or email deletion.

RWD will help bring more traffic and potential customers to your site. Since your site is optimized for all devices, it will convert more visitors into sales and leads.

RWD Caters To Mobile Users

Mobile environments require simpler navigation, focused content and fast loading speed. An unresponsive site or email will not load properly on small screen sizes, making it difficult for users to browse through the site or read emails. Moreover, unresponsive design takes longer to load. This will frustrate your visitors or subscribers.

A responsive design will cater to the needs of mobile users’ and also their requirements. To cater to mobile users, you need responsive web design. This means, it is imperative that marketers follow responsive design practices to ensure their site and emails are easy to read on a mobile device; or else they will lose out on a wonderful opportunity to reach out to a growing target audience that is accessing its emails or surfing the Web on their mobile devices.

RWD Improves Search Engine Visibility

It’s extremely important for businesses to rank as high as possible on search engines. Google, the most popular search engine on the planet ranks sites that are optimized for mobile, higher in SERPs. It recommends RWD as the best way to target a mobile audience. If a user is searching for a website on the mobile web, Google will most likely throw up a result that ranks mobile responsive sites higher than others. Responsive sites use one URL and one set of pages and files, making it simple for Google to crawl and index content.

RWD thus improves your Google ranking, bringing more qualified traffic to your site. Qualified traffic has a high chance of converting.

End Words

With the exponential growth in mobile market and increase in the number of people accessing Internet on smaller devices, a fully responsive design is no longer an exception for retailers. Every marketer needs to implement RWD in their site and marketing emails to ensure their visitors and subscribers receive a flawless mobile experience on their devices. RWD will significantly boost site traffic and improve open and click through rates of your emails, ultimately leading to more conversions.

Author Bio: Michael Georgiou is a dynamic business professional and entrepreneurial guru associated with Imaginovation – proven his success in creative strategy, online branding, project management, and communication projects in both the public and private sectors.

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