Up and Coming Styles, What to Keep and Eye Out for this Fall

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Men have not traditionally been interested in the current fashions of the day, but that is changing. Many modern men want to look sharp and elegant in everything they wear. One of the easiest ways to do this is to follow the current fashion trends for men and incorporate a few different looks into your everyday style at home and work. Build some of the fall 2012 trends into your wardrobe to remain on the cutting edge of men’s fashion.


Light wash jeans

Although dark wash jeans continue to remain a staple for men throughout the year, right now, the light wash jean is having a moment. Jeans with a lighter wash give any outfit a more vintage-style appearance. Right now, vintage styles are hot for both men and women, which is why light jeans are popping back into style for now. Choose a pair with modern styling to avoid looking like you stepped out of a past decade.

Trench coats

The trench coat is back and bigger than ever in fall 2012 trends. The trench coat is always a popular choice for fall and spring, when temperatures are not quite severe enough for a bulky winter coat. The trench coat is fashionable in every color, with tan, black, and deep navy remaining the most popular colors. Look for a style that hits just at the knee to keep the look sharp and prevent sloppy styling. Wear the coat open for maximum fashionable impact.

Traditional suits

The traditional suit is wildly popular for fall and winter 2012. The come back of the suit is largely tied in with the popularity of vintage television shows set anywhere between 1900 and 1960 when men wore hardly anything but suits. Today’s modern suit has a sleeker cut than the suits of the past, with slim tailoring for the jacket and pants. Dark colors are the most popular, such as dark grey, navy, and black. Look for a suit with a subtle sheen to fully embrace the trend and stand out from the crowd.

Height increasing shoes

One of the newest fall trends for men are altitude shoes. These shoes, sometimes called elevator shoes, increase your height by an inch or a few inches. You do not have to wear shoes that look like women’s high heels to achieve this look. Many of the shoes for men in stores for fall 2012 are shoes that make you look taller. There are also specific shoes that are designed to give you a height boost, which are also trendy for the upcoming season. Choose ankle boots, pointed toes, and unusual colors to maximize the trend.


Turtlenecks are a fashion style shunned by popular fashions for several years. But this year, they are back and as big as ever. The trendy way to wear turtlenecks in fall 2012 is under a slim-cut suit or other jacket. The turtleneck should not be worn alone. Wearing the shirt alone looks old-fashioned, while wearing it under a jacket or sweater looks new and modern.


Sweaters are again popular for men in fall 2012. Both bulky fisherman sweaters and thin work-friendly sweaters are popular once more. Pair your bulky sweater with complimenting dress pants for a casual work look. Pair your thin sweater with a full suit, or wear it over a dress shirt for a sharp, classic look. Sweaters with traditional bold patterns, like argyle, are also popular.

Dark colors

While seasons past have been all about brighter colors for men, the popular colors of fall 2012 is all about dark hues with textural details and subtle shine. For the fall, the darker the better, and many popular styles use black, dark blue, grey, and other dark colors in place of brighter colors. Set aside your brighter-colored clothing and embrace the dark trend this fall.

Adding a few of these stylish elements to your wardrobe will help you remain on-trend for the upcoming season without standing out too much from the crowd.



This is a guest post by Liz Conaty, part time blogger and full time fashion fanatic. Entranced by innovations in womens clothing and the whole industry, I don’t see this passion dying out any time soon!

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