Social Media Face-Off: Expedia vs. Priceline

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Can you feel that? Summer is coming. With Memorial Day right around the corner and summer travel plans on the brain, this week’s Social Media Face Off is a battle between two of the largest travel websites—Expedia and Priceline.

In order to compare the brands on social, we set up search streams for each brand in the uberVU platform and compared the results from the past two weeks to determine our winner.

Fasten your seat belt and secure your tray tables. Let’s find out which travel booking site is first class in social.

Round One: Mentions

Expedia takes off first with 13,362 mentions, easily topping Priceline’s 7,016 mentions.


Winner: Expedia

Round Two: Engagement

We wanted to know which travel site is successfully engaging with its social audience so we compared the number of RTs, Likes and Shares. Expedia keeps its lead when it comes to Twitter, having 75% of the RTs. But Priceline turns things around on Facebook, outperforming Expedia with a higher percentage of both Likes and Shares.




Winner: Priceline

Round Three: Conversation Mapping

Using uberVU’s conversation maps we are able to take a closer look at what exactly is being discussed about each brand in social conversations. Expedia and Priceline have pretty similar maps. Clearly the social web recognizes what the sites are known for with words like “travel” and “hotel” trending for both brands. Praising words like “love” and “great” also appear on both maps as do competitor names like Orbitz and Kayak.

Priceline’s stock has been making news lately so related terms have turned up in its map, but the majority of the terms are on par with Expedia’s map so we consider these maps to be even.

expedia map

priceline map

Winner: It’s a tie

Round Four: Sentiment

Praising words appeared in both Expedia and Priceline’s conversation maps so we were curious to see how all of their mentions measured up. Expedia does have a fewer amount of negative mentions—7% compared with Priceline’s 12%—but the brand hits some turbulence with positive mentions, only racking up 32%, coming in behind Priceline’s 38%.



Winner: Priceline

Overall Winner: Priceline

This race was close, but only one brand can be signaled for social media takeoff. With wins in sentiment and engagement, we declare the winner of this battle to be PricelineExpedia fought hard in all three rounds but was ultimately left on the tarmac.

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