SmarterSocial: uberVU Helps Social Marketers Work Smarter, Not Harder

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uberVU, a proven social monitoring and engagement system for the enterprise, announced today Version 2.0 of its social marketing platform, with unprecedented insights that enable social marketers to work smarter – not harder. The uberVU platform now provides a complete and intelligent loop for multitasking social marketers – going beyond staid practices of simple listening, mention captures and spike identification. With over 100 new features and enhancements, uberVU changes the face of social media engagement and monitoring with a fresh new way of interpreting data and actionable information.

Social media monitoring has reached a tipping point: marketers need better solutions not solely just to capture brand mentions, field customer service complaints or leverage company kudos – they need a lightning-speed process to identify which of the thousands of detected social updates is most crucial, needs immediate action or affects a brand’s holistic marketing strategy. Early social monitoring solutions were tactically focused, and usually clunky and challenging for the user. They may have helped marketers capture mentions and create lists, but lacked a synergistic flow that provided a dynamic information highway toward meaning and the priority of insightful data. uberVU eliminates archaic manual practices that once solely involved filtering key words and deciphering meaning to create or modify strategy; its sophisticated technology is now a trilogy: filtering, deciphering meaning, and executing strategy on a constant, actionable loop provided by a socially friendly interface that’s intuitive, fun to use and fast.

Zach Hofer-Shall, Senior Analyst with Forrester Research, Inc. writes in his June 2012 report, How To Make Social Media Data Actionable, “Although many professionals understand the value of social media data, far fewer are able to transform it into customer insight that drives better marketing strategy.”

uberVU is making that process faster and much simpler. “Businesses no longer doubt that social media is a crucial mix in their marketing, but they are still searching for the validity of allocating time and resources as part of an effective brand strategy. uberVU makes it easier than ever to integrate social into what should be an everyday conversation, and to ensure that strategy returns value to the organization,” said Mark Pascarella, CEO of uberVU.

uberVU’s new features include:

  1. Immediate Insights – provides a complete picture in seconds rather than hours or days. Many providers claim real time data delivery; uberVU is one of the few that actually does it.
  2. Ease of Use – a robust solution delivering enterprise-class functionality but designed from a consumer point of view.
  3. Context – suggests appropriate actions based on whether a social media event is about your company, competitors, market, etc.
  4. Actionability – enhanced uberVU SignalsTM – with spikes, influencers, stories and mentions delivered automatically.
  5. Smart Publishing – publish at the optimum time and date for maximum engagement.
  6. Content suggestions – the best stories that might be relevant to a brand’s audience are surfaced and delivered to you to engage your audience.
  7. ROA – Return on Action – analyze results in real time.

Social Rockstar Webinars to Learn More

Social influencers Jason Falls, CEO of SocialMediaExplorer, and Jaunique Sealey, Author and Former Lady Gaga Strategist, join uberVU to further demonstrate the value of a social platform that helps you filter, decipher meaning and signals and take relevant action. Join them this week on Wednesday, September 26 or Thursday, September 27 to take your social marketing up a notch. Registration and more details here.

With headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, uberVU can be reached at 617.401.3056 or feel free to connect with them on the web at: ubervu.comuberVU Blog / Facebook / Twitter

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