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This is a guest post by Jan Rajtoral (AKA Gonzo the Great), founder of gonzodesign, a Dutch design studio specialized in graphic and (responsive) web design. He also writes for the, where above anything else, his passion for writing, technology, communication and design drives him to contribute.

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In this article we’re going to take a look what has been published this last month on the Blogosphere. We hand-picked a selection with the best Resources, Tutorials, Scripts/Snippet and WordPress related Articles for you.

All these design-related links have been mentioned on Twitter in the last month, and collected in this single article. So, I hope you’ll enjoy this roundup cause we think that having resources and staying up-to-date is important in your personal growth and development.


HTML, CSS, PhP, Coding & Resources

CSS3 Code Snippets

CSS3 Code Snippets – A collection of open source UI components coded with modern HTML, CSS, and Sass. – A collection of data visualization tools. This is not a list of everything out there, but instead a thoughtfully curated selection of our favourite tools that will make your life easier creating meaningful and beautiful data visualizations.

A Beginner’s Guide to Leaner CSS – Don’t repeat yourself (DRY). It’s a simple concept with the ability to completely change the way you write code. If I look back to my early days with CSS though, I don’t think the concept meant much to me.

Using CSS3 transitions: A comprehensive guide – This article covers CSS3 transitions in-depth. I hope you’ll come away from this article with a more rounded understanding of CSS3 transitions, along with a few practical tips and techniques to help you ..

Style Guide To Prototype — Design Iteration In The Browser – When it’s time to create the initial visuals for a design, how do you proceed? Do you sketch? Do you wireframe? Jump right into Photoshop to begin a complete design comp?

The road to responsive images – 29 August 2012: a date that will go down in history as the one on which we finally got an official specification for responsive images. Last week, the W3C published an editor’s draft for responsive images ..

Creating a good mobile experience – Considering that by 2013, Gartner predicts that more people will use their mobile phones than PCs to get online, the mobile user has become a key customer demographic.

Content Management Systems Defined – If you are not a professional web designer but would like to create websites, then a content management system (CMS) is all you really need!

[How To] Write a Call-to-Action that Converts – With Case Studies – This guide, packed with case studies, examples, and simple optimization principles, will teach you exactly how to write calls-to-action that convert.

&what; – Discover your character: amp-what is a quick, interactive reference of 11,500 HTML character entities and common Unicode characters, 8859-1 characters, …

Aspects of SVG Image Format for Web Designing – I am just giving you a small introduction about these image formats used in web designing. And we will be discussing and focusing more on the most widely used format – THE SVG.

SOLID CSS– SOLID is an acronym for five basic principles of object-oriented programming and design that when applied together can make systems easier to maintain and to extend over time.

Designing for Retina Display – A website will have to double in size to fit on a retina display. This brings us to the issue of device independent pixels. Since everything is doubled on a retina display, the pixel value you use in CSS will effectively cover double the distance on the screen.

3 Tips for a Smarter Mobile Strategy – How well is your company responding to mobile? Read on for a brief look at the state of mobility–and how you can take better advantage of it.

Useful PHP code snippets and functions – Every web developer should keep useful code snippets in a personal library for future reference. Today, I have compiled the most interesting and useful PHP code snippets I have added to my personal snippet library ..

The unGlossary of A/B Testing: Terminology & Tips to Run Better Tests – Now it’s time to master one of your most important marketing milestones — A/B testing. Luckily, it’s just as simple as learning your ABCs (or close anyway).

Build a Color Scheme: The Fundamentals – Let’s dig into the very fundamentals of building a color scheme for your web design: what colors fit to which context, how do combinations work and what color scheme concepts are there?

The Geography of HTML5 Security – The new standard also pushes security boundaries. Sites won’t immediately benefit just by adding a <!doctype html> declaration to their pages. Instead, they can improve security by adopting features that control how the ..

CSS3 Conditional Statements – What you may not know however is the CSS Conditional Statement Specification also talks about two other CSS conditional statements. Currently these two features are only supported in Firefox (6.0 for @document and 17.0 for @supports)

Default CSS Display Values for Different HTML Elements – All HTML-elements have an initial or default state for their display value. Let’s consider some of these and see some interesting things you might not have known.

Mo’ Pixels Mo’ Problems – Mobile devices are shipping with higher and higher PPI, and desktops and laptops are following the trend as well. There’s no avoiding it: High-pixel-density, or “Retina,” displays are now becoming mainstream—and, as you’d expect, our websites are beginning to look a little fuzzy in their backlit glory.

Responsive Patterns– A collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs, and a collection of resources about the various aspects of responsive web design.

bestwebfonts – This is a handpicked selection with only the best web fonts from Google font directory, currently this directory contains almost 450 fonts, it has become hard to select or even load all fonts, so can be a saver time tool.

Learnable Programming – The programming “environment” is the part that’s installed on the computer. The programming “language” is the part that’s installed in the programmer’s head. This essay presents a set of design principles for an environment and language suitable for learning.



Content Flip Plugin

BookBlock: A Content Flip Plugin – BookBlock is a jQuery plugin that can be used for creating booklet-like components that allow a “page flip” navigation. Any content can be used, such as images or text.

The Creation of a CSS3 Clickable, Rotating Menu – It uses a lot of CSS3 but surprisingly works quite well in many browsers. The main problem is with opera, which runs into a few problems when trying to run the code (due to lack of support for transforms).

Build a Fun Photo Swap Animation With CSS Keyframes – Building a stack of two photos that spread out and swap their stacking order when you hover over them. Along the way we’ll learn all about how to wield keyframes like a pro and juggle all of those head-spinning prefixes!

Creative Web Typography Styles – Let’s create some interesting web typography effects with several CSS techniques and the help of lettering.js.

Design an Awesome Product Page with CSS Background Attachments – Today I am going to show you how to create a product page for your website with awesome CSS effects. We will be using CSS background attachments and jQuery to create these effects.

CSS3 patterned buttons –  Nowadays, using subtle patterns is kinda cool so I thought why not using them also on buttons? The idea was to create some nice CSS3 patterned buttons and in this article you’ll see what I’ve been working on lately.

Creating a Flipbook Image Slider with CSS3 3D Transforms and jQuery – Recently the ‘flip book’ effect has become really popular on a lot of websites, so I got to thinking about how you could go about pulling off that effect using some jQuery and CSS3.

Beautiful CSS3 Table Pricing Style – In tutorial, I am going to show you how to use some new CSS3 properties to design beautiful table template. With DIV and list style we define specific column in order to create a unique style adding classes to the markup list style.

Fullscreen Video Slideshow with BigVideo.js – BigVideo.js is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create fit-to-fill background video on a web page. It can play silent ambient background video (or series of videos), or used as a player to show video playlist.

3D Restaurant Menu Concept – A responsive 3D menu concept for a restaurant website. The idea is to show the menu as a folded flyer and unfold it in order to show the menu items.

CSS for Twitter-Like Hover Effects – Here’s a cool CSS technique that we can use to give a hover effect to a group of divs, and then an additional effect to the element being hovered on! Twitter uses this effect with their sharing links on a tweet.

How To Create a Clean & Modern CSS Drop-Down Menu – I am going to show you how to create a CSS3 drop down menu using all the latest CSS3 techniques. We will go over how to use border radius, gradients, and box shadows to turn a basic drop down menu into glossy styled navigation.

Create a CSS Flipping Animation – CSS animations are a lot of fun; the beauty of them is that through many simple properties, you can create anything. One CSS effect somewhere in between is the CSS flip effect, whereby there’s content on both the front and back of a given container.


Tools (web applications, bookmarklets, frameworks etc.)

bulletproof HTML emails

Mailrox – Quickly build bulletproof HTML emails. Mailrox can turn your raw design into a HTML email without typing another table tag or slicing up another psd. Now there are only three easy steps to creating flawless emails for any application. – Create and instantly deploy tiny mobile apps with just a few lines of code. Quickly write and deploy lightweight mobile applications, with access to camera, geolocation, and more. You decide exactly who gets to see and run your app, based on location, demographics, or your own custom filters.

inspectlet – Inspectlet records videos of your site visitors as they use your site, allowing you to see everything they do. See every mouse movement, scroll, click, and keypress on your site. You never need to wonder how visitors use your site again.

A5 HTML5 Animator – A comprehensive software solution for the creation of modern web animations based on the new web standard format HTML5. Create stunning and interactive contents for your web page.

MapBox – Helps you design beautiful maps and publish them across the web and mobile devices at scale. Our open source tools and cloud infrastructure are the base of a new kind of platform, making maps more social.

Neat – An open source fluid grid framework built on top of Sass and Bourbon using em units and golden ratios. We built Neat with the aim of promoting clean and semantic markup.  

Notable –  The release of the new and improved Notable iPhone Uploader, which allows you to capture full-length mobile webpages. You can also upload any image from your camera roll or even snap a new photo with your iPhone’s camera then send it directly to your Notable account.

Panguin – See how Google’s algorithm updates have impacted your traffic.

Yeoman – A robust and opinionated set of tools, libraries, and a workflow that can help developers quickly build beautiful, compelling web apps. – works as your personal assistant, checking your email and actioning what’s important to you. Put your inbox to work, saving time, money and resources.

Terrific Composer – A frontend development framework specifically designed for building deluxe frontends based on the Terrific concept.

Clarify – Streamline your Frontend Workflow with Clarify.  Upload your designs and share them with your project team in a unified way. Clarify is a tool for both, Designers & Developers, who want to optimize their workflow.

New Relic – The all-in-one web application performance tool that lets you see performance from the end user experience, through servers, and down to the line of application code.

The rem checker – If you use rems for setting font sizes, here’s a tiny tool to calculate the rem sizes you need for your css.

gradient-scanner– Open an image that contains a gradient and then draw a line over the major components of the gradient.

Kube Framework – This framework is a single CSS file that brings responsive layouts with no headache and offers more. Kube includes styles for forms, grids, buttons, tables, typography and few other stuff like links or images.

FlexiNavCalc – A calculator for use in determining percentage widths of navigation items in responsive layouts. The aim of creating FlexiNavCalc is to avoid certain responsive navigation issues and to give the developer more control over navigation layout, ..

Frameless – Dig responsive design?Hate fluid grids? Try a Frameless grid.

FuelPHP – A simple, flexible, community driven PHP5.3 framework. FuelPHP takes a different approach to many frameworks and strives to be community-driven.

Unicode Code Converter – Type or paste text in any of the green or grey shaded boxes and click on the button Convert button above it. Alternative representations will appear in all the other boxes. You can then cut & paste the results into your document.

CSSS – CSS-based SlideShow System. Warning: Only works in latest Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome.

Pictaculous – A Color Palette Generator. Ever wonder what colors to use with an image? Upload your image and generate a color palette!

kern.js – A super-simple bookmarklet for designers that finally puts you back in control of your website’s typography. – A uber cool and easy-to-use online tool for auto-cropping created by imagga. It shows our ability to find the most “interesting” region in an image and suggest the right cropping for it based on the size you need.


jQuery Plugins, Javascript, etc.


Socialist – A  jQuery social plugin that creates a social stream (or social “wall”) from multiple social media feeds in one place. You can use it to pull content from Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social networks.

MagicNav.js – Easily generate links from elements on your page. For example, generate links to all the articles on a page by linking to the article’s h1’s, and put them in a nav element on the page with an id of article-nav.

Unicon – Unicon is a Grunt.js task that makes it easy to manage icons and background images for all devices, preferring HD (retina) SVG icons but also provides fallback support for standard definition browsers, and old browsers alike. From a CSS perspective, it’s easy to ..

Freetile – A jQuery plugin that enables the organization of webpage content in an efficient, dynamic and responsive layout. It can be applied to a container element and it will attempt to arrange it’s children in a layout that makes optimal use of screen space,..

Enquire.js – A lightweight, pure JavaScript library for handling media queries. It is less than 1kb when GZIP’d and minified, and has absolutely no dependencies. Yup, you read that right – no dependencies, not even jQuery!

Happy.js – The plugin is lightweight and supports few input validations by default (required, date, number, e-mail, min/max and phone number). But it can be extended so easily by adding few lines and the regex for the rule you want.

tiltShift.js – A jQuery plugin that uses the CSS3 image filters to replicate the tilt-shift effect. This is a proof of concept and currently only works in Chrome & Safari 6.

Infinity.js – A UITableView for the web: it speeds up scrolling through long lists and keeps your infinite feeds smooth and stable for your users. It is small, battle-tested, and highly performant.

Mobiscroll – A powerful, easy to set-up HTML5 control, that makes selecting values for your smartphone & tablet users a breeze. It is an Open Source control built on solid ground with jQuery.

image2base64 – Images to Convert to Base64 Data URIs. It’s a s easy as pie, click the button below to select local image files. Use Ctrl + Click to select multiple files.

jsPDF – free JavaScript library that can create PDF files on the client-side. It has support for text (styling is possible), drawing shapes and images. Also, the document can be set as landscape and metadata like subject an title can be added as well.

Tooltipster – A  jQuery plugin for quickly creating HTML5-validated and flexible tooltips. The plugin is small-in-size (4.8kb minified), works fast and can be customized with ease.

jqfundamentals – jQuery Fundamentals is designed to get you comfortable working through common problems you’ll be called upon to solve using jQuery. To get the most out of this site, you’ll want to read the content and try the various interactive examples.

iView – An easy to use jQuery image slider with animated captions, responsive layout and HTML Elements like (Video, iFrame) slider. Easily add unlimited number of slides and captions. Use it as image slider, image gallery, banner rotator, banner ads, or even presentation.

Fresco – A beautiful responsive lightbox. To make things even more awesome Fresco comes with fullscreen zoom, retina-ready skins, Youtube and Vimeo integration for HTML5 video and a powerful Javascript API.

jQuery Stick ‘em – Make Content Sticky on Scroll, to a Point. The problem: sometimes images can be very tall. So by the time you scroll down to the bottom of the images, you have to scroll back up just to read the text to give you context about the ..

FoldScroll – An experimental CSS 3D scroll behavior jQuery plugin.

Bonsai – A graphics library which includes an intuitive graphics API and an SVG renderer. We currently offer two separate builds of bonsai, bonsai.js which is the worker-context-build and bonsai.iframe.jswhich is the iframe-context-build.

Allofthelights.js – jQuery plugin to turn off the light and enjoy your videos. Alloffthelights.js calculates the video’s offset and creates four div in position:absolute wrapped around it. The offset is recalculated when the light is turned on or the window resized.

responsive-carousel – A  jQuery-based script for responsive carousels that works with a mouse, touch, and keyboard. The default build includes the slide/drag transition that you can apply by adding a data attribute and including some additional CSS.

RSlider – A full screen responsive image and content slider powered by jQuery. With a nice and simple design it will adjust automatically to the width of your browser screen.

Jarallax – A feature-rich JavaScript library for easily creating and customizingparallax scrolling effects. The library enables us to manipulate CSS using keyframes and it supports custom controllers.

Responsive Measure – A jQuery plugin for responsive typography. Responsive Measure is a simple script that allows you to pass in a selector which generates the ideal font size needed to produce the ideal measure for your text.

Cycle2 – A new, improved version of the jQuery slideshow plugin. Cycle2 supports responsive layouts, has options for everything (global and per slide) and can be extended easily using a full-featured API.

Sequence – A jQuery slider plugin with infinite style. It provides the complete functionality for a website slider without forcing you to use a set theme. In fact, Sequence has no in-built theme, leaving you complete creative control to build a unique slider using only CSS3.

Responsive Measure – A jQuery plugin for responsive typography. Responsive Measure is a simple script that allows you to pass in a selector which generates the ideal font size needed to produce the ideal measure for your text.

jQuery Impromptu – An extension to help provide a more pleasant way to spontaneously prompt a user for input. More or less this is a great replacement for an alert, prompt, and confirm. Not only does it replace these but it also allows for creating forms within these controls.

matches.js – Matches.js brings the power and expressiveness of pattern matching to Javascript. Pattern strings are compiled to pure Javascript functions and then cached, so in general, they are quite fast.

ReView.js – A dynamic viewport system that provides efficient responsive web design viewing choice. The system provides both initial ‘Opt-In’ and ‘Opt-Out’ responsive design states. Developed in pure JavaScript according to the principles of core (mobile) first progressive enhancement.

reveal.js – A framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. reveal.js comes with a broad range of features including nested slides, markdown contents, PDF export, speaker notes and a JavaScript API.

BookBlock – A jQuery plugin that can be used for creating booklet-like components that allow a “page flip” navigation. Any content can be used, such as images or text. The plugin transforms the structure only when needed (i.e. when flipping a page) and uses ..

jQuery Builder – jQuery Builder lets you easily build a custom version of jQuery 1.8.* that just includes the modules you need. Choose which modules you’d like to include in your custom build

Lenticular.js – A jQuery plugin for creating image animations that response to tilting or mouse events. The plugin is built with mobile browsers in mind (tilting) but can also be used for desktop browsers (mouse).

Morris.js – Making good-looking graphs shouldn’t be hard. Morris.js is a lightweight library that uses jQuery and Raphaël to make drawing simple charts easy.

Sweet.js – Brings hygienic macros from languages like Scheme and Rust to JavaScript. Macros allow you to sweeten the syntax of JavaScript and craft the language you’ve always wanted.

HorizontalNav – A jQuery plugin that spans a horizontal navigation to fit the full width of it’s container. If you’ve ever had to create this effect on a project, you’ll know it’s pretty annoying to do.

 HAPPY.JS – Lightweight form validation for jQuery or Zepto.js. Happy.js can validate individual fields on blur events and all fields on submit.

RWD Retrofit – Allows an existing “desktop site” to co-exist with a “responsive site”, while also able to serve the desktop site to a different breakpoint on “mobile”.


WordPress Related

Wordpress Related Stuff

soliloquywp– …the powerful responsive WordPress slider plugin that makes creating and maintaining responsive, efficient, secure and SEO friendly image sliders a breeze.

A Guide to Canonicalization for WordPress – Today I want to address one relatively simple element of SEO that many WordPress users do not even consider — canonicalization. It isn’t particularly glamorous, but it is important, and you have no excuse not to get it right.

Creating a responsive header in WordPress 3.4 – The Custom Header Image feature has been supported by WordPress for some time, however previously its fixed dimensions made it too immobile to be of much use in the age of responsive design.

HTML5 Blank Theme – A WordPress shell for deploying your next project on. It’s not just a clean slate to develop with, it’s a lean foundation that includes various tools, functions and setups to get any WordPress theme developer deployed and coding within minutes.

Top 10 things to monitor on your MySQL – Monitoring MySQL servers is no rocket science provided you know what to monitor. MySQL gives a comprehensive list of variables to check your server’s health and performance.

Create a Custom WordPress Login Without Plugins – WordPress Logins are probably one of the least touched–upon subjects as far as WordPress theme design is concerned, but it can really help create a unique look and feel for a client’s website, or even your own!

How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress – It may sound a little unusual, but it is extremely common (and best practice). In fact, an entire market has developed for child themes of popular frameworks, such as Thesis and Genesis.

Optimize Your WordPress Site to Load Faster– Here we look at 4 useful optimization tips that you can implement right now and get your site running faster than ever before.

10 Steps to a Secure WordPress Website – It’s worth your time to look over this list of security tips, and to take the few simple actions to implement them. How secure is your website? Let’s go over the basics right now …

7 Lessons Learned from 7 Years of using WordPress – Here’s a few tips for the smooth-running of a WordPress site, most of these are common sense but worth mentioning …


.. and don’t forget these!

Responsive Design case study – This post aims to outline the entire project processes and act as an informal case-study for the construction of a large-scale responsive website. The South Tees site contains over 1,000 pages and while Responsive Design is not a new technique, documented examples of client sites on this scale are few and far between.

The best interface is no interface – And a decade later, when we could touch the Palm Pilot instead of dragging a mouse, we were even more impressed. But today, our love for the digital interface has gotten out-of-control.

Proof of concept ‘stacking’ responsive menu –  I wanted to see how easy it would be to recreate a native app interaction – specifically the ‘browser tab’ menu from Chrome for iOS. I like the Chrome app, it has a slick interface with nice transitions and makes ..

Sosa – An icon font, from the guys at Ten by Twenty, that includes well over 120 icons. The download includes the .ttf .eot .svg & .woff files required to use via @font-face.


Jan Rajtoral AKA Gonzo the Great is the Founder of and Designer at gonzodesign, providing design services across the full spectrum of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Design & Website Design.

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