Tweak Anything On Your Website for Just $19!

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No website is ever perfect. As technology is constantly changing, so will your users’ actions. That means you need to stay on top of things and always be making adjustments, whether big or small to your site.

Now, if you don’t have the time, knowledge, or even patience to make some basic changes to your site, you should consider using Tweaky. Their unique site lets you request a number of updates you’d like to be made (adding a Pinterest “pin” button or updating your logo), and you simply pay a flat fee for each “tweak” you want made. And with this Mighty Deal, you can get your tweaks done for half price!


  • Simple Process
    Submit a basic brief explaining all the changes you’d like to have made on your site and breaks it all down into a series of tweaks, each costing the same flat fee.
  • Common Tweaks
    Tweaks are basically small changes to an existing website. Some popular ones would be:

    • Update my logo
    • Integrate an email subscription bar
    • Add a slider to the top of my homepage
    • Embed social media code sharing links
  • Your Personal Concierge
    Save loads of time but not having to scour the Internet for the perfect designer or developer to handle your issues. Instead, Tweaky matches your project to the perfect hand-picked developers and gets your job done.
  • Fully Guaranteed
    There’s nothing to lose, since all projects are fully backed by a 100% money back guarantee.


“Tweaky is freaking perfect for bloggers. My art is writing and ideas – not code. A few clicks and boom my blog does what I need it to do so I can get on with writing. Love it.” – Steve Sammartino, Entrepreneur & blogger,

“I’ve already used Tweaky for a few of my projects. I’m already recommending them to my friends to give their web looks an extra bit of personality. I’m wondering when I get my commission?” – Matty Roberts, Creative Producer,

“I’ve always struggled to find the cash and time to create a complete redesign of my blog, but still wanted to change and adapt it over time. Tweaky was amazing for just this case. I was able to get a couple of key changes made to my site for less than $100. Perfect. I’ll be using them again, for sure.” – Steve Hopkins,

“You guys saved my butt!” – Claire Wielandt, Web Designer, designlabCPH


A single Tweak at Tweaky generally costs $39, but for a limited time only, you can purchase a single tweak for just $19! That’s more than 50% off the regular price! You also have the option to purchase this deal for multiple tweaks at once. Click the BUY button to choose your desired quantity of tweaks.

Why I bought this deal:

I always need tweaks for my blogs or product sites and  I’m already embarrassed to ask my friends for help. Also, I consider $19 to be a very good price for these kind of tweaks.

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