Top Five Reasons to Play Harder with this Device

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In today’s competitive cell phone market, it’s not easy to find one that will deliver top portable speed and let you game, browse, record, and watch what you want where you want to. Here are five great reasons why you can play harder with this 4G Android Phone:

Finding the Ultimate Gaming Experience

With this G2X Google 4G Android Phone, you can become the hard-playing type of guy you’ve always imagined. The intense 3D graphics enliven on the relatively portable 4inch diagonal wide screen. Using the corning gorilla glass touch screen makes finding the right game to spend your time eye empowering pleasure at the palm of your hand. The hands-on experience of intensely playing the preloaded N.O.V.A games and Need for Speed SHIFT is gaming intensity delivered. If you like the freedom of finding your own gaming experience, then make sure to use the Tegra Zone App, an ultimate destination for great gaming options.

Holding High-Tech Features

Besides the glass touch and portable diagonal screen making it extremely portable, the 4G Android Phone has a high-pixel resolution, WIFI, and a Bluetooth stereo that all gamers and streamers need to survive. These must-have features enable you to trade games, downloads, and video with your buddies anytime of the day or night.

Watching Video the Way You Imagine

The 4G Android Phone gives you the tools to watch YouTube, your favorite social media video in a most stimulating, mind-engaging way imaginable. Preloaded to the G2X phone is the Live T-Mobile TV app, where downloading on-demand video, high-resolution movies, top Sports and News Channels makes for an undeniable feature that all your buddies will surely be talking about.

Recording Visuals You Most Enjoy

The HD video-capture sharing, video-recording features, and 8 megapixel still camera make recording and capturing your favorite media images, moments, movies, and shows something you can turn to impress your family, friends, and work buddies. The recording features of this 4G Android Phone allows you to control when you record, what you record, and who you share those recordings with.

Browse, Download, and Surf in a Flash

Whatever and whenever you browse the web, download hot content, or stream the most popular media, your ability to record these fast findings on your television let’s your playtime become hardcore. Simply plug the G2X Phone into your television’s HDMI port to begin recording effortlessly. Personal streaming and media-sharing is like the cool trading sports cards around the coffee table kind of time, except for the fact that your friends will be asking for more video all the time.

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