Top 5 iOS Apps for Business Users

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One of the best things about being the owner of an Apple iPhone or iPad is that you have instant access to thousands of different apps, many of which prove to be invaluable once they’ve been downloaded and you’ve given them a once over. If you’re a business professional then things gate even better because there are some really choice software tools that can transform your mobile device into a mobile office paradise.

What to buy?

So, if you’re going to add five business specific apps to your iOS powered mobile gadget what do you choose to get? While everyone has their own ideas about what will be the best of the bunch, the following five suggestions are certainly worth thinking about if you’re keen to boost productivity, be more professional and also get maximum value from your new Apple device.


LinkedIn has always been the place to be if you want to get yourself seen in business circles, so the app version of this site and service is a real no-brainer. You’ll find that it instantly does away for the need to keep a fistful of business cards from prospective clients and contacts, and you can also track down elusive business buddies who might have made a move up the career ladder. So for digital networking, there’s not much out there to better it.


Now that many business professionals have day-to-day involvement with websites, perhaps via content management systems, then the ability to keep tabs of site traffic and all of the other crucial facts and figures is now easy thanks to the Analytics App. If you’ve ever dipped your toe into the world of Google Analytics then this is just as powerful, but all squeezed very nicely into the iPhone workspace.


Do you regularly carry out presentations to colleagues and clients? If so, then it may be worth shelling out for the mbPointer app, which turns your iPhone into a PowerPoint presentation pointer. Itís pretty easy to set up and once you’re running it then you have all the usual PowerPoint options at your disposal. What’s more, you’ll keep that audience of suits captivated for as long as it takes.


If you frequently spend time on planes or sitting it out at airports waiting for them, then keeping tabs on the movement of your flights is always a handy thing to have close at hand. In that respect, try out FlightTrack Pro, which is a killer little app that allows you to pin down every last detail of your next excursion, business or otherwise, and also get a finite amount of detail on the label itself.

QuickOffice Pro

And finally, no self-respecting business professional can afford to be without a suite of Office-style tools, which is where Quickoffice Pro comes in mighty handy. This has everything you’ll need to stay productive on the go, from creating and editing spreadsheets through to drafting out Word documents no matter what your situation. There are some cool file sharing capabilities offered by the program too, so as an all-round office productivity solution then this is definitely an application to add to your wants list.