Top 5 interactive platforms to learn coding online

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Top 5 Interactive Platforms to Learn Coding Online

This is a guest post written by Alex Ivanovs of CodeCondo. He loves to write about business, productivity and web development. 

You don’t have to be gifted in order to learn coding, otherwise known as programming. Yes, it used to be something prestigious that only the nerdiest of nerds were willing to learn, but clearly the world is changing and there is an ever increasing demand for dedicate coders that are looking to work together with startups, and huge brands alike.

It doesn’t even take that long, before you’re making programs and scripts that can perform computer based actions. The secret is hidden behind dedication, and the willingness to continue learning despite the urges to stop, and forget about this miserable art of working with computer systems. Coding helps us to better understand ourselves, trough teaching us that things can be broken down into parts, and that it’s not always a wise idea to start from the top.

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

You’ve probably read something about coding, and you know that it’s a good way to build a career, and earn an honest living. In this post I will be listing what I believe are the top five, interactive programming platforms that can help you learn the very basics of coding, from anywhere in the world, at your own time schedule. Again, the more time you invest in coding, the quicker you’re learning and getting good at it.

The biggest benefit of learning coding online trough these interactive platforms is that you don’t need to do any setup of a web-server, or do complicated tasks in order to run your code. You need a couple of hours to spare, and a decent code editor – the rest of the process is taken care of by the platform. Let’s begin!


Codecademy - Interactive Coding Platform

It turned out that the world does need a platform like Codecademy, as it is now the most popular way of learning the beginner syntax for many programming languages, like for example:

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby

You’re presented with an interactive way of writing and editing code, and for the most part it will look something like this:

Codecademy - JavaScript Panel Preview

It’s an incredibly easy user interface to get used to, and all of the steps are thoroughly detailed and explained. All that is required of you is patience, and the ability to pay attention. I recommend taking notes whenever possible, combined with writing code comments can really leverage the speed of your learning curve.


Udacity - Interactive Coding Platform

I think the real downside here is that Udacity courses are not connected, and it can seem a little bit strange to learn about search engine development first, and then jump into HTML5 game making. I do agree, that can be painful. Nonetheless, the web development courses from Udacity are great for both understand the web better, and also to learn new concepts and how programming works in different environments:

  • Intro to Computer Science
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Web Development
  • HTML5 Game Development
  • Intro to Salesforce App Development


Udacity - Web Development Preview

The courses are narrated by professionals and experts in the field – all of which you’re introduced to at the beginning of each course – in the form of interactive video content. Each of the video guides are completely explained in detail, include comments and offer to ask questions by the end of each video. Great stuff.


CodeCombat - Interactive Coding Platform

Love this project, and it recently became open source – which made me love it even more! It’s an interactive multi-player platform for those who’d like to learn coding visually, trough a game oriented setting.

CodeCombat - Editor Area Preview

It’s limited to JavaScript, but I would definitely include this one on my list of platforms I need to complete and finish, before moving up the ladder. It might seem like there is a lot of repetition involved, but you’re actually learning some crucial things about programming, and how a well-structured script can do difficult tasks.

I would recommend picking up Node.js (see my post about Node.js frameworks) after you’re done with CodeCombat, don’t limit yourself to believing you’re not ready, just go ahead and keep practicing.

You’re bound to run into suckers with this one, have fun!

Code Avengers

Code Avengers - Interactive Coding Platform

The really great thing about Code Avengers is that they’re focusing on providing as much detail and explanation as possible, on the code you’re going to write. You can see in the preview below – left hand side top corner – that each of the elements are explained carefully, and you can expect the same level of advice throughout the courses that Code Avengers offer,

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Code Avengers - JavaScript Editor Preview

You can learn mobile development, and have a real mobile prototype on your panel to help you better understand the design elements, they’re really going the extra mile when it comes to helping beginners learn good code practices.


LearnStreet - Interactive Coding Platform

LearnStreet is for those who’re completely new on programming – like most of these platforms – and will provide friendly guides and advice to those who need it. I really enjoy the speed of site, and it’s probably the fastest among all of the ones mentioned in this post. Currently, three types of courses are available,

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • JavaScript

LearnStreet - Ruby Learning Preview

You can challenge yourself, and take up projects that have been created by LearnStreet, and instead learn coding trough tackling real problems that have been created beforehand. By the way, you can also enroll as a teacher if you’re feeling adventurous.

Learn Coding Online

It’s worth noting that all of these interactive platforms are completely free, which makes it that much more exciting to try out and see whether you’re capable of creating with code. There are artists, musicians and writers who create trough their creative passions, you can try out coding and see how you like it, especially when such a wast amount of knowledge is available for free, at your own convenience.

Alex loves to write about business, productivity and web development. He is the owner of CodeCondo, and you can engage with him on Twitter or Google+.

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