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The Google’s quarterly report for Q1 2014 is quickly approaching, and we’re sure to hear some really great things on where the advertising industry is headed. AdSense has been the leading platform of advertising for so many, and continues to be the favorite among WordPress bloggers.

It’s one thing to build a WordPress blog for the sake of building it, or building a community, but it’s completely another to build a site that is specifically targeted to educate people about a certain piece of information, and then, hopefully make some money along the way.

Google is completely okay with people making money from targeted websites, as long as those websites and blogs are providing high quality information, and all of the advertisements placed on the page, comply with the official rules.

I have tried out many AdSense optimized themes for WordPress in the past, but some of them have stood out more than others. I think the biggest reason for that is the fact that the developers themselves, understand the nature of good flowing design, and are able to combine that with advertisement platforms like AdSense.

You should note that these are free AdSense optimized themes, so there is no need to scan trough the page, trying to find something that you can download. All of this stuff is available to you at no cost, download it right away.

Simple Sense Responsive Theme


This is one of the most fresh and flexible AdSense-optimized themes out there. It’s been optimized for high CTR and is compatible with all major browsers. It allows you to easily add display ads in any of the optimal ad positions through the included widgets. You can also set how many (if any) ads are shown on a per-post basis. Multiple layout options are included, including 2 & 3 column layouts and layouts with the sidebar on different sides. The navigation menu is fully customizable as well and includes multi-level dropdowns. You can choose any color or background for your site and apply it through an easy-to-use options panel. I highly recommend this theme for anyone who’s looking to build a new, AdSense powered blog.


Adsticle AdSense Theme

Webmasters have downloaded this theme nearly 20,000 times, and it is among the most popular AdSense themes in the world, and the reason for that is simple: it has direct AdSense integration, it’s easy to setup, and it’s also minimal – which allows to put the emphasis on both content, and advertisements.


EzyReader AdSense Theme

Ezy theme allows you two enabled two sidebars on the front-page, which is perfect for aligning your AdSense advertisements on both sides, for maximum CTR. It has a nice bootstrap like, grid design and the colors come together nicely. This is a great theme to use for any AdSense site.

HeatMap AdAptive

HeatMap AdAptive AdSense Theme

I am a responsive theme for WordPress inspired by Google Adsense placement recommendations (you can use other types of ads with me too). There’s a widget position map in my options page so you can see where everything goes.

This has been known in the industry as one of the leading AdSense themes, and there are literally thousands of people and webmasters who use this theme to power their blogs and AdSense websites. You can also signup for the pro version, but the free version is a good starting point.

It will not disappoint, and often when you look for these themes elsewhere, the HeatMap theme tends to make an appearance.

Wrock Metro

Wrock Metro AdSense Theme

It’s not just responsive, or fully SEO optimized for your needs, it’s also AdSense ready and features the popular metro style design. This is an amazing theme to use for your AdSense blog if you’re into more stylish web designs, and want to have a little professional look to your information.

I’ve curated this list to be the best of the best, and most of these themes have over 10,000 downloads. Give them a try, and let us know how they worked out for you.

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