Top 20 must have freebies from 2013

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2013 marked a year of great free web design resources. After sifting through hundreds of free ui kits, mockups, icon sets, pattern sets, and themes I have found 20 freebies that stood out from the rest. These freebies are immensely useful and full of design goodness!

1. Vector Set of Retro Labels

Vector Set of Retro Labels

2. Flattastic UI Kit

Flattastic UI Kit

3. Macbook Pro Retina Mockup

Macbook Pro Retina Mockup

4. 20 Social Media Badges

20 Social Media Badges

5. iPhone 5S Mockup

iPhone 5S Mockup

6. 100 Free Streamline Icons

100 Free Streamline Icons

7. Focus PSD Theme

Focus PSD Theme

8. Flat Icon Set

Flat Icon Set

9. Flat Responsive Showcase PSD

Flat Responsive Showcase PSD

10. Seamless Wood Patterns

Seamless Wood Patterns

11. 80 Shades of White Icons

80 Shades of White Icons

12. Free 15 Ribbons

Free 15 Ribbons

13. 30 Blurred Backgrounds

30 Blurred Backgrounds

14. Gusto Email PSD Theme

Gusto Email PSD Theme

15. Perspective Tablet Mock-Up

Perspective Tablet Mock-Up

16. Smallicons Icon Set

Smallicons Icon Set

17. Vanilla Cream UI Kit

Vanilla Cream UI Kit

18. 10 Dark Subtle Seamless Patterns

10 Dark Subtle Seamless Patterns

19. Stationary Branding Mockup

Stationary Branding Mockup

20. 45 Subtle Social Media Icons

45 Subtle Social Media Icons

If the freebies are any indication of whats to come in 2014, we are in for a treat. What freebie did you find most useful from this list? Let me know in the comments section below.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.