Top 10 PSD to WordPress conversion service providers of 2014

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WordPress is evolving at a rapid rate, some might even say that the evolution of WordPress is happening too quickly, and there is little to no time to observe all of the changes, I disagree, as I believe that WordPress is taking the exact route it needs to.

The theme business is changing around, and these days we’re given a set of choices to choose from, whether want our site to be powered by:

  • free themes
  • premium themes
  • custom themes (PSD)

is completely up to ourselves. In this post we’re going to be taking a look at ten platforms that provide professional PSD to WordPress services at a reasonable rate.

If you’ve been following the premium theme market trend for the last couple of months, you will know that even premium themes are getting saturated; and the way to go is by choosing a custom built theme just for you.


1 PSD to WordPress service

CodeInWP are hands down the most pleasurable company to work with (in my experience at least), their support is amazing and the essence they bring to their projects is magnificent. You can see some of their work on the WordPress theme repository, or see their own examples directory. I’m looking forward to learning more about their new project they’ve got going on, it’s called ThemeIsle – and they’re looking to launch their own premium theme business. All in all, the services these guys provide are outstanding and highly recommended.


PSD to HTML    PSD TO XHTML    XHTML   CSS    Order PSD to XHTML for  45 only

You will find more than just PSD to WordPress from these guys, as they offer a wide range of other services for several well-known CMS platforms. Their work is known to have top notch SEO features, and outstanding support; which is always nice.


CodeMyConcept  the best PSD to HTML service on the planet    convert PSD2HTML

These guys are known for treating their customers right, and often delivering an exceptional end product. Their work goes well into the thousands of served clients, with plenty of feedback to back all of their statements up. CodeMyConcept also, provides multiple conversion services, including WordPress.


Top Notch PSD to HTML Conversion and WordPress Development

If you’re serious about markup valid stuff, these are the guys to go-to, as they strongly believe in following the latest technological standards to help and provide the best quality PSD to WordPress conversion services. The only downside, old browsers can’t keep up with that ultra quality!

PSD to WordPress Expert

PSD to WordPress Themes Template Integration Service

I highly recommend to check out their homepage first, to see their philosophy of how good design should come together, it’s actually really nice. They’re all about delivering the highest quality WordPress services, backed with exceptional customer care and feedback.

W3 Markup

Convert PSD to HTML   CSS   W3 Markup

They’ve got a great portfolio of high quality clients, like Neil Patel and Mashable (in the past), so there is definitely the appeal to their fluffy style of designing. It’s all about quality for these guys, and they promise to give you back an exact copy of your PSD, only in WordPress format.


Web Design   Development Company India   Website Design Services   PixelCrayons

PixelCrayons is an award winning Web/Mobile Consulting and Engineering firm offering end-to-end solutions to Enterprises, Digital Agencies and Startups. With nearly 300 employees, and several thousand active clients; PixelCrayons have managed to revolutionize the way PSD to WordPress (or any other platform) services work.

Great company with solid reputation background, and a great list of clients who’re sure to vouch for their quality.


√ PSD to HTML  Convert PSD to HTML XHTML   CMS Service   CSSChopper

CSSChopper is backed by the teams of well-qualified web developers & designers at the forefront to strongly foster the project, their services are well structured and maintained by a team of several professionals at a time. They promise transparency, and also a money back guarantee, in case you were able to find a single flaw in the way they do their work.


Convert PSD to HTML   HTML5   XHTML and CSS  PSD to WordPress

European based, this company has what it takes to provide you with a well documented and analyzed templates at the end of the work process. It’s a group of people who love to work with web technology, and their list of clients suggest that these guys are in fact fun to work with.


PSD to HTML  PSD to WordPress web development services   PSDgator

Highly technical, and very transparent in their workflow, PSDGator is a great company to work together with. Their own homepage shows how advanced their ideas and grasp of web is, and if you’re into that type of design; these are the guys to contact.


The best way to look at this is probably by seeing the reviews of companies that have used these services before, it wouldn’t hurt to do some Google research either, before you fully commit to trusting a company with your design needs.

It’s not exactly the cheapest of services, but it surely does make a huge different as to how your business is being perceived. I hope this post will help you make the right decision for yourself, and your website.

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