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Hello, friends! We’ve been looking for some of the best web development and design elements we could find and here we are, sharing the result with you. Among other things, you will find plugins, code snippets, press articles and themes to make a better digital creator out of you. We hope you enjoy.

Simplax: An Uncomplicated Way to Add Parallax Backgrounds to Your Website


DhtmlxGantt: Display the Schedule for Your Next Project in a Good-looking Chart


C3.js: Neat, Reusable D3-based Charts


Impulse: Mobile Physics Interactions

Impulse: mobile physics interactions

ScrollReveal.js: A beautiful Plugin that Reveals Elements as You Scroll


KaTeX: Typesetting Library for the Web

Katex: typesetting library for the web

Rollerblade.js: A User-friendly Tool for Creating 360° Image Rotators


Gridify: Pinterest-like Grids

Gridify: pinterest-like grids

Mr. Clean: Take Care of Your PHP and Fix Up Objects, Strings, Arrays, Objects and More

Mr. clean Use This Tool for Creating Intricate Grid Systems

Async: A Utility Module that Gives You More Possibilities When Handling Asynchronous JavaScript


TextTailor.js: Make Text Fit its Parent Element Perfectly Either When it’s Too Short or Too Long


MetisMenu: Create Smooth Responsive Menus with Different Behaviors and Functions


Velocity.js Cards Layout: Smooth Grid Layout with Animations

Velocity.js cards layout

Autocomplete Like Google: An Easy jQuery Plugin that Allows the System to Auto-display Suggestions

Autocomplete like google

Curated Collection of Useful Resources to Improve Your Design and Xcode Skills

Curated collection of useful resources

A Collection of Places to Learn Code Online for Both Beginners and Advanced Users

A collection of places to learn code online for both beginners and advanced users Test Your Code Appropriately by Hosting Your Reports and Statistics for Analyzing and Sharing

TinyCert: Create and Take Care of Your Very Own SSL Certificates


Infinite Scrolling Background: A Good-looking Technique to Make Your Site an Everlasting Animation

Infinite scrolling background

Owl Carousel: Display Loads of Information in an Organized Way without Taking Up More Space

Owl carousel

CSS3 Flat Circle, Round Icon Animation

Css3 flat circle, round icon animation

Shattering Images: Make Images Shatter and Disappear When Clicking on Them

Shattering images

Simple Radial Menu: Beautiful Animated Menu with a Colorful Background

Simple radial menu

Nested WordPress Theme: A Design Oriented at More Traditional Blogs for General Topics

Nested wordpress theme

Sketch WordPress Theme: An Option with Changeable Logos, Featured Content Sliders and More

Sketch wordpress theme

Junior Designers Vs. Senior Designers: An Article on How Experience Shapes the Professional

Junior designers vs. senior designers

Master Sass: Get Started or Polish Your Skills with Sass Through a Number of Online Lessons

Master sass

30 Common Local SEO Problems and How to Fix Them

30 common local seo problems and how to fix them

iPhone 6 Secrets Demystified: A Take on Apple’s New Device and its Increased Resolution

Iphone 6 secrets demystified

Monitor SSH Activity on Your Server with Papertrail and Saved Searches

Monitor ssh activity on your server with papertrail and saved searches

PhpList V3.0.x Code Hacks

Phplist v3.0.x code hacks

J-accordion.js: A JQuery Accordion Plugin

J-accordion.js: a jquery accordion plugin Real Time Two-Way Data Binding real time two-way data binding

A Series of JQuery SVG Libraries

A Series of JQuery SVG Libraries

PACE: Beautiful Progress Indicator for Your Page Load

Pace: beautiful progress indicator for your page load

Picnic CSS: An Invasive CSS Library to Get Your Style Started

Picnic css: an invasive css library to get your style started

Responsive and Infinitely Scalable JS Animations

Responsive and infinitely scalable js animations

CSS-Only Custom-Styled Selects

Css-only custom-styled selects

Fitter Happier Text: Performant, Fully Fluid Headings

Fitter happier text: performant, fully fluid headings

JQuery Localization Tool: Easy One Page Website Translation

Jquery localization tool: easy one page website translation

3D Items Quick View: Add 3D Gallery Animations with CSS and JQuery

3d items quick view: add 3d gallery animations with css and jquery

Lazynity: A Lazy Loader with Infinity Inside

Lazynity: a lazy loader with infinity inside

Linky: JQuery Plugin for Turning Plain Text References Into Links

Linky: jquery plugin for turning plain text references into links

Animated Background Headers: Start Your Site with an Animated Masterpiece

Animated background headers: start your site with an animated masterpiece

SpahQL: Query, Manipulate and Manage JSON Data Effortlessly

Spahql: query, manipulate and manage json data effortlessly

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