50 Most Prominent Custom Facebook Pages

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Still don’t have a custom FaceBook page for your business? Well it’s time to inspire you to make one. The showcase below is a collection of 50 custom Facebook pages of top brands & celebrities. Some of them are just pictures, some use Flash or Javascript, but mainly they are plain HTML pages. The only thing you need to keep in mind while designing a Facebook page is that tomorrow (August 23rd) Facebook is going to shrink page width to 520px.

World’s Best Brands

Those are the guys with enormous budgets, that can afford to hire the best designers and Social Media Marketers. Some of their pages really impress, while some of them could really come up with something more exciting.










Louis Vuitton










Harley Davidson





Pizza Hut







Celebrities are known to use every opportunity to make people speak about them. However when I checked the Forbes 100 list of celebrities it appeared that most of them do not have a decent page on Facebook, so what I collected here is mainly musicians. In addition you can check a showcase of Facebook pages of Top DJs.

Lady Gaga

David Guetta


Britney Spears

Snoop Dogg

Ozzy Osbourne

Tokio Hotel

Even more pages

The number of beautiful custom pages is growing every day. Lots of web designers are now offering custom Facebook page design jobs as well as ready-made FBML templates. There are even some Facebook applications which let you build a custom page for your business. If your page does not look like the ones below – it’s time to do something :)





Step Up





Marlo Schalesky




Tim Soulo is a blogger and social media addict. You can follow him on Twitter for never-ending tips on Social Media Marketing or check some of his facebook templates

  • Impressive!

  • Nice roundup!

  • nice list! I had seen some of these before but not all of them.

  • Heyyy!! So many retweets of my post… but almost noone is following me on twitter!
    Follow me if u like my post – http://twitter.com/michael_vreek

  • Tag

    I’m not impressed. None of these is anyting but using a box to show a page/javascript with some nice design but has little or no integration into facebook. The most innovative is Levi’s/Motorola Canada through it’s “click like for more access”…

  • There is also the Adidas Originals page + apps which is really, really great :


  • we have a facebook page and even a nice app:www.facebook.com/DYMOvement

  • Check out mine, it’s not 100% done yet, working on the feeds but the functionality is there:


  • Wow, these are all really great and cool!

  • annoyed reader

    Just wanted to leave a message letting you know that the side bar of buttons is annoying and covers up parts of the text. You could at least remove the words, like anyone doesn’t know what the facebook logo is…

  • Thanks for the info. Nice collection, I hadn’t come across most of these.

  • I love the coke one. A big red button. It’s such a tempting call to action.

  • In L.A.

    Nice, but these are all FB pages of massive, multi-million dollar corporations who have the resources to hire a room full of designers and developers. Burned out on seeing corp brands trying to be everywhere and now contaminating Social Networks (Who “Likes” a corporate brand on FB or follows one on Twitter?). Rather than collecting corp brand pages, let’s see sites of actual real people who have done creative things with their pages?

  • I saw one better than all of those!!!
    unfortunately, it’s in Hebrew:


  • And check out that one!!!

  • alexander

    Note that that’s Budweiser Budvar, from the Czech Republic — aka Czechvar in North America — NOT the Anheuser-Busch INBEV Budweiser.

  • jez

    any they’re allllll gunna have to change to 520px..

  • L’agence française Zéphyr en 48ème position !

  • i thought i would pick up 3 or 4 but as i scrolled my way down, i realized that i like all of them :) Great list here!

  • Nice collection

  • sam

    pretty good list, I didnt know all this coys have fb pages

  • Thanks for sharing! Companies are definitely getting more creative with their design! I absolutely like it!

  • Hi,

    That’s really cool, could anyone tell me how to make this??

  • Tim

    Hi David, see the templates at http://fbml-templates.net/
    they have tutorials too :)

  • have you seen any good affiliate sites or b2b fan pages?

  • Great list Michael!

    Really some have been updated and aren’t as good as they were in the screenshots.

    Do you think it will “Kill” the website like most people do?

    P.S. You should get a gravatar! Brand yourself. http://www.thechasescene.com/you-need-a-gravatar/

  • To keep “tabs” on new Facebook Page design trends, head over to:

    And if you want an easy way to create your own custom Facebook Page tabs, check out:


    Thanks for this great post! I love to see how big brands are using Facebook to market themselves.

  • Really wonderful pages. thanks for sharing. keep posting

  • These designs pretty much sum up where the internet is heading. I see more aggressive designs with every new day, and not to mention that web 2.0 is a whole lot more about usability rather than color !

  • I used a lot of these as inspiration for mine. Thanks to a lot of research I was able to finish it.
    Check it out:


  • Sorry for crashing in… though nice showcase…
    Just thought some of you might be interested to promote facebook pages in a very new way which extends the idea of billboard from real world hence kinda ebillboard… http://www.milliondollarlikes.com/ it uses the concept of buzz marketing to promote facebook pages… and attract fans… you might want to have a look…

  • Nice selection! I’ve noticed that some of these can be found among my friends on Facebook, and others I should add.

  • Would be interested to get your thoughts on our new page http://www.facebook.com/locazion.

    Cheers :-)

  • Martin

    Hey guys great post I really enjoyed it, I would like to submit my page just in case you do another great post like this one.
    Thanks and have a great day


  • These are very nice pages. I think I’m gonna custom my own soon.

  • These are very cool, I am looking for a designer to help me out with some client’s pages…anyone?

    Follow me on Twitter @DustinCParker

  • all of these are before facebook changed the dimensions for fan pages, theyre now 520px wide.
    Definitely some good examples, shame they are not about now

  • I agree with Chris, they’re 520px wide and the top-tab navigation has been moved to the side, presented as a navigation stack—I’m still wondering why they did that. Any thoughts Michael V?

  • great inspiration! I have just made a landing page for LINE-X’s Facebook, take a look http://www.facebook.com/pages/Line-x-UK/182486001761616

    I have made this to tie in with the new facebook layout.

  • Nice to find one of our tabs showcased here! :-)

  • You’ve made very extensive collection of Facebook fan pages. May we offer you another example of Facebook tab? Here it is – http://www.facebook.com/motocms

  • Lindsey

    These are great examples! You should also look at Kenra’s interactive Facebook page; designed by MediaFuel.net & The Momentum Group. http:// on.fb.me/oNWJEV

  • Adam Atkinson

    another really cool and fun one where you can share a shower with any facebook friends

  • monika

    The best way to double your fan conversion is to set up a facebook “reveal” fan page…here’s a video on how to do it in 3mins with no hosting and no designer.

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