Tips for Hosting Your Own Giveaways & Competitions

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Everyone knows that hosting a good giveaway can boost your visibility as well as your brand awareness among your customers. There are various ways in which you can evoke more attention for your company or blog, why not try hosting a giveaway via your facebook page or directly on your site. Giveaways are a great way in which to attain more twitter followers/ facebook fans, comments onto posts and in general increased hits on your site.

Why not reward your supporters and fans through a giveaway or a competition?

You can go big in offering something you have purchased yourself, something such as a new piece of technology which has been launched and offer it as a prize to all that enter the giveaway. Users are attracted to giveaways when they are as simple to enter as possible, and what kind of prize is on offer. The bigger and more attractive prize, means more attention you are likely to receive. But don’t forget to promote the giveaway as much as possible, or else you will find yourself offering up a prize without getting back the attention you wanted.

Another way in which you can partake in offering a giveaway is by contacting the companies directly, try to convince these companies to provide a product which you would offer up as the prize, they are then in lieu sponsoring the giveaway. They will be attracted to this proposition as you are making people aware of their brand/product. Of course in return you could offer the chance to promote their product/service to your readers, drive people to visit their site, purchase their products, or drive people to follow them on their own social networks.

What to think about when contacting a Sponsor

Below are a few suggestions of things to consider when contacting a sponsor:

  • Introduce yourself
  • What is the aim of your giveaway/competition
  • Why there brand/company could be of help
  • What they would get out of by helping in this giveaway
  • How they would be a part of the giveaway
  • The positive results they will get from the giveaway
  • Where to go from here.
  • Thank them for their time + How to contact you.

How long should your giveaway run?

Of course it is no secret that every giveaway is different. But for an average blog giveaway, we’d suggest running your giveaway for about two weeks. This will allow your giveaway to gain traction in social media without lasting for so long that people forget about your giveaway. Chances are you will see most entries right at the beginning, and then a slowdown of entries in the middle section, and then  then a frenzy of last-minute entries toward the end of the giveaway.


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