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Click and draw attention! Time & Business stated that by the time Instagram, a lucrative marketing tool by now, completed three years, it had over a 100 million active users. That’s one big market to promote a brand, isn’t it?

As a brand’s content is presented visually on Instagram, it is highly simplified and an easy-to-digest medium for potential customers. Here’s how you can establish a bustling customer base for your brand using Instagram.

Your photos are storytellers

Posting photos of coffee mugs or beans if your brand sells coffee isn’t really going to get you many shares. You need to give the user something more engaging. Narrate a story to them through your pictures. Tell them what your brand is about through this story.

If your brand sells coffee, and it is about making the coffee-drinking experience a cozy affair, then you can post an image of a lady drinking coffee while petting her pet, or an elderly couple laughing over a cup of coffee. Bring life into your photos!

Share the profile

You can’t keep your profile secretive if you want to opt for ‘marketing’ your brand! Instagram has a web profile for users. For instance, Orbital Media’s Instagram profile is – You too will have a same profile; all you got to do is replace orbitalmedianetwork with your personal user name. Then you’re ready to share this link with the world.


Picking the right hashtag for your photo is an art. Even if your photo speaks more than a thousand words but you pick a hashtag that is too common, it will simply get lost among the hoards of other images. #goey#pizza shows up more than #cheesy#pizza.

It’s important not to add a plethora of hashtags as it can get irritating for the user. Moreover, for some, a sentence filled with hashtags is hard to read.

Less is welcomed

Posting more than three to four images at once makes it evident that you’re screaming to promote your brand. It would be good to keep it to three. If you have too many photos to post, it is better to use an app like PicFrame and create one collage embedded with several images.

Posting at an average of once every four hours is decent enough. Don’t get overexcited and end up overdoing it!

Involve followers

A boom starts when you share a bond with your followers. Create a win-win situation by asking your followers to post photos of their best use of your product. Pick out the best of the lot and post it on Instagram. It would be beneficial if you could ask your followers, on other social networking sites, to do the same.

This will give you a lot more Instagram followers and a bigger lot of photos to pick out the best. Nike, asked its followers to post meaningful photos along with their brand hashtag.

Make your followers feel special

Make the day for those who appreciate and like your photographs. Give away a free gift to the first ten lucky followers who answer a question posted along with your photo.

Post their picture holding a product featuring your brand name, and then shout out by using the @USERNAME function to tag the lucky follower. People love attention, and will remember you for bestowing it upon them.

Employee power

Your employees work for the success of your brand. So they too need to be featured with their smiling faces. Post photos of what goes on behind the scenes. You can use Instagram photo filter to highlight the feel of your brand.

This conveys a message that your brand is one that cares about employee satisfaction, and in turn will set the foundation for users’ brand loyalty towards your brand. Vero Moda is one such brand that uses this strategy.

Author Bio: Vishal is the founder of Appsquare—an  app development company based in Sydney that creates innovative apps, provides part funding for selected app ideas and also helps app developers get funding through its network of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

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