This week in design news – saying goodbye to Adobe, if famous people created famous logos and much more

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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, tutorials, resources and other goodies. This week we look at things such as saying goodbye to Adobe, what if Facebook was a startup in 2015 and much more.

Thank you for everything, Adobe. I really want to move on

I started using Adobe products in middle school. At the time, I never thought I’d do anything remotely connected with design, I just liked messing around with computers. Like most kids, I didn’t know about the technical differences between designers, developers and probably IT support people, I just liked computers and did all sorts of random things while others were focused on gaming.

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How to End the Client vs. Designer Feud

When it comes to graphic design, it seems like there’s an age-old conflict between designer and client. It’s an ever-present battle of opinions, a tug-of-war.Designers are hired as an essential part of the project, so why are their decisions so often challenged and even overruled by the client and other stakeholders?As many things in design often do, it all comes down to psychology and history, to an extent. And no matter how beautiful the finished product turns out, client relationships can make or break business for both parties.


What if Facebook started in 2015? – Facebook as a Startup Concept

We can’t imagine a world without Facebook, but what if the social media network was just getting started in 2015. Would it grow to become one of the fastest growing startups? Or would it get lost in the hustle and bustle of new startups?

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20 Useful CSS Tools for Designers and Developers

CSS is a web designing language which does not require any kind of formal introduction to be provided. It is the most famous language across the globe when it comes to website designing. It has become a lot easier to learn and work in CSS based web designing environment, thanks to various great tools and tutorials for CSS development which are available freely on the World Wide Web. Being very clean and having an organized structure makes web designers fall in love with CSS. It helps reduce a web page’s load time and makes the webpage look very stylish, leaving the visitors overwhelmed.


What if famous painters created big brand logos?

When in design school, I remember one teacher explaining us that trying to imitate the style of famous designers or artists as an exercise was one of the best ways to progress. In fact, when doint this, you have to try to put yourself in the person’s shoes and learn how to thing like that artist. Italian designer Francesco Vittorioso did that exercise as a personal project, but he added a little twist to it. He took on famous brands using the style of iconic artists. The results are cool, in my opinion the best is the Modigliani Starbucks logo.

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Affinity Photo Launches

5 years in the making, Affinity Photo redefines the boundaries for professional photo editing software for the Mac. With a meticulous focus on workflow it offers sophisticated tools for enhancing, editing and retouching your images in an incredibly intuitive interface with all the power and performance you need.

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Google’s Free Website Builder Makes It Dead Simple To Implement Material Design

By now, we’ve all heard of Google’s enticing pitch on Material Design—their design language that re-imagines the pieces of user interface as real, physical objects. But while Google offers tools for any Android developer to build an app that adheres to Material Design standards, what if you just want to make a snazzy, Material Design website?


Top 10 Little-Known Mobile Apps That Startup Entrepreneurs Love to Use

Twitter, Evernote and Dropbox are common tools that almost everyone uses. But startup entrepreneurs usually have a list of their own favorites when it comes to tools, resources and mobile apps in order to effectively manage and run their startup businesses. Here, we present to you a list of top 10 apps that celebrity entrepreneurs’ love to use. We’re sure this list will compel you to try these tools and inspire you to search for other comparatively unknown apps to make managing your startup an easy task. And if you’re the inventive kind, you may come up with your own app or tool and get a customized mobile app design to meet your specific work related needs. You may share it with other entrepreneurs and spread some startup love.


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