Learn Web Design and Development with Half-Priced Think Vitamin Membership Gold Plans!

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Like most designers and developers you want kick ass skills. You want jaws to drop. Eyes to pop. It’s not easy. You need vitamins. Think Vitamins! Well, I know I do! Anyway, I’m a long time subscriber of the Think Vitamin membership program (soon to be renamed as Treehouse) and I’m super hyped to announce this amazing deal – 50% off their gold plan!

Think Vitamin has an established reputation in teaching professional web development since 2006. Their ON DEMAND TRAINING VIDEOS are some of the most professional in the industry and the best way to keep your competitive edge.

Today they’re bringing you an amazing deal which gives you INSTANT ACCESS TO 450+ INSTANT PROFESSIONAL CLASSES. This includes videos on jQuery, UX, Rails, PHP, iPhone Apps, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, NoSQL and like every other design and development topic you need to become a developer or web designer with Ninja skills. Kinda like steroids for your brain (if steroids were legal and healthy!)

The regular price to kick it to the next level with a 6 MONTH THINK VITAMIN GOLD MEMBERSHIP is $249, but you can grab it today for only $147! That’s half price!

Check out this short one minute demo video:

The Gold Membership includes…

  • Unlimited access to Think Vitamin’s Video Course Library. 450+ videos with more added each week. All videos are downloadable for offline viewing.
  • Master Classes, intensive video tutorials on cutting-edge web topics like jQuery, UX, Rails, PHP, iPhone Apps, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, NoSQL and more. New Master Classes released every month.
  • 89 conference videos from Future of Web Design London/NYC and Future of Web Apps London ($450 value)
  • Closed captioning on all videos for non-English speakers and the hearing impaired.
  • Web Design Toolkit: Web Design Audio Book, Icon Set, Web Designer Tool Kit Poster, and 52 useful background and texture images.
  • Access to the invitation-only Facebook group where you can ask questions to other Members and Think Vitamin Teachers.

The offer is extremely limited so secure your half-priced membership now! You’ll love it!!

Catalin is the founder of Mostash - a social marketing boutique - and he's always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.