Think Global: 3 Tips to make your websites Internationalized

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If you dream big and don’t want to limit your online business to the national market, you should pay attention to certain details in the development of your website. Globalization changed the mere concept of web design and in order to succeed on the international market you have to play along with the common rules. There are three key points you need to bear in mind in order to make your websites equally attractive for people from all over the world.

The Overall Design – Neutral or Specific

There are two ways to make the general design for your websites internationalized. First, you could create a unified corporate theme for all the websites you develop, changing language, content and insignificant design elements for each country. In this case it is crucial to keep colors as neutral and basic as possible, because choosing bright colors (even if they seem positive to you) could spoil the impression of the visitors from the country where these colors have negative meaning. Second, you could develop unique designs for each website, taking into consideration the differences of perception by regions. The only controversial question is the definition of the concept of the regions – you could divide the websites in groups by culture, by country or even by continents if your business is that big.

Keep the Content Localized

Once again, there are two ways to make your content internationalized – the easy one and the hard one. The easy one is simply to provide information written in the native language for each country you take into consideration. The tricky moment is however the fact that it’s not enough. Every country, even every region of the country has particular cultural differences and peculiarities that are only typical for the residents of this place. And that leads us to the hard way – you should write content from scratch for each website you create, taking into account demographic and cultural differences of your target audience.

Colors Have a Purpose

Let’s be honest – web design in China differs from French web design. New York and Sydney website design will vary noticeably. And if there are certain world trends web designers from all over the world try to follow, there are also details like color palettes one uses most often in one or another country. Conduct a research before choosing colors for your website, find out, which tones are most often used by local designers. Then you could give your website a test run in order to see how the target audience reacts to different variants of color solutions. All this will allow you to make the right choice in the end.

There are many more tricks to make your websites internationalized – tricks that allow you to create proper content, to lead appropriate SMM- and SEO-campaigns and to make the design even more attractive for every single visitor. But first you should create a net of websites or a single website for all target audiences, depending on your budget and ambitions, try these three tips – and I assure you, it will be more than enough for your success.

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