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I recently read Catalin’s article and I really appreciate how nicely he describes the job of a web developer. According to him, being a web developer is the best job. Well, it may be true, but I  believe that the best job totally depends on each one’s inclinations. The best job is the one you like the most. Full stop, nothing more.

Altogether, being a web developer is undoubtedly one of the best jobs… there are tons of reasons and it’s redundant to mention them as long as Catalin highlighted everything so well. Instead, I prefer to reveal another aspect strictly related to the life of web developers. Yep, the majority of them are well paid, the statute in society is honoring, but in my opinion, being a web developer is one of the most challenging jobs as well. I don’t know of any other are to suffer so many radical transformations as web design in just 20 years of existence. Few years ago we faced the fabulous growing of social media – and it made a complete revolution in advertising, design and e-commerce. Recently, the development of gadgets brought other issues that are the base of a new challenge for people involved in the online environment. Responsive websites are the ones that are perfectly rendered on any device, on lots of screen sizes and operating systems.  Responsive design is the latest online revolution and there are still many issues that need to be fixed. Under these circumstances it’s obvious that being a web developer isn’t an easy task. Added below my personal opinion about how the situation of people crafting websites evolved over time. Feel free to add your own ideas, I am really interested in other people opinions about web developers and web development as a job.

The initial web developer

At its beginning, the art of crafting websites was a very boring activity. The very few websites weren’t too different from a plain text and the single purpose of them was the exchange of information. People were reticent, quite probable that due to the poor aspect, but years after years the Internet evolved and its evolution determined the birth of a new kind of job…that of web designer.

The web designer

Many people don’t (or don’t want to) make the distinction between designer and developer. The designer is the one that creates the layout while the developer is the person that writes the code of the website. The confusion is due to the fact that many designers are coding and many developers are creating beautiful layouts. The designer appeared because the coder had at that time multiple and relatively complex solutions to make the websites more interesting, eye-catching. HTML and CSS became strong tools in creating and launching websites – the first versions created the framework for better websites. Things evolved and today we have amazing layouts. In spite of that, the initial purpose of a website – to offer information – wasn’t ignored so other professionals were needed to help developers craft better websites.

The content creator and SEO specialist

The content creator and the SEO specialist are two different entities but, in the end, the results of their works are pretty similar. The content creator is the person that effectively writes the copy of the website – he is the information provider. The SEO specialist is the person that should make the website be friends with Google. Of course, an SEO expert isn’t a friendly person (or he is maybe, but it doesn’t matter), his role is capital in having a website that draws lots of organic traffic.

The content creator appeared because the developer hasn’t the ability of writing interesting and useful copy. this job is more suitable for a writer. The exponential development of websites determined anyone in the online environment to become more competitive. In conclusion, someone talented that knows how to use the persuasive power of words would accomplish better the mission of creating content.

In conclusion, it’s obvious that a developer can’t launch a complex and complete website by himself; the future is reserved for small and efficient teams. This situation doesn’t mean that the role and the job of a developer is negligible… au contraire! He is at the core of any online presence even if he works with quite a few other professionals.

Author bio: Daniel works for and blogs on a number of subjects, especially web designing and web apps development.

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