The inventor of Comic Sans tells the story behind the world’s most-hated font

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Comic Sans, the font we all love to hate, has an interesting story, which was recently told by its very creator on stage of the most recent edition of the Boring conference. The legendary font made the rounds again a few months ago when graphic designer Craig Rozynski developed its doppelganger – Comic Neue.

Comic Sans was created for a short-lived Windows interface called Microsoft Bob. It featured a cartoon dog character who spoke to computer users through speech bubbles. The words inside the speech bubble were rendered in Times New Roman, which didn’t look right to Connare (the font creator). He thought a cartoon dog should talk like a cartoon character, in comic book writing. But the software package was about to ship – it had to be done quickly. Connare consulted several comic books, and drew his characters with a mouse to get the “wonkiness” he was looking for. “It only took about three days to get the basic font down,” he said. “You knew what you wanted.”

Read the rest of the interview in The Guardian.

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