The Social Bird icon set – The First Inspired Release

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Well, we kinda felt the time has come for the first Inspired Release. In the same time, we saw many of our readers blogs are using too generic icons for their Twitter widgets, so we came up with a brilliant idea – why not ask our favorite artists to draw a bird icon in their own style for you guys to have something fresh on your blog? We had a great response from BIG names in the illustration field and Bam! here it is: The Social Bird icon set – a free release by Inspired Magazine. Before anything else, you must follow these guys on Twitter: Frank Chimero, Jeffrey Bowman, Mills, Dyna Moe, Alex Mathers, Divya Manian, Matt Joyce, Noper, Ursu, James White, Lapin, David “Netherland”van Alphen, Jessica Gonacha, Alex Eben Meyer, Jerrod Landon Porter, Will Bryant & Chris Maier. Theeeen you could download the icon pack from the bottom of the post and pop-up some first class illustration to your blog.

chimero-birdie-frank-chimero kevin-dyna-moe

Chimero’s Birdie by Frank Chimero (Twitter) & Kevin by Dyna Moe (Twitter)


triax-mills1 da-blue-bird-paris-hair

Triax by Mills (Twitter) & Da Blue Bird by Paris Hair


Dave by Matt Joyce (Twitter) & Nimbu by Divya Manian (Twitter)

twittericon-james-white t-bird-lapin

Blue Tweagle by James White (Twitter) and T-Bird by Lapin (Twitter)

burdy-tad-carpenter henry-wiggles-will-bryant1

Burdy by Tad Carpenter (Twitter) and Henry Wiggles by Will Bryant (Twitter)

the-crow-eusebiu-rusu cherry-chaffinch-alex-mathers

The Crow by Ursu Rusu & Cherry Chaffinch by Alex Mathers (Twitter)

jacque-jess-gonacha skate-eagle-david-van-alphen

Jacque by Jessica Gonacha (Twitter) and Skate Eagle by David “Netherland” van Alphen (Twitter)

muffbird-noper1 edmund-nicholas-keple-jeffrey-bowman

Muffbird by Noper (Twitter) & Edmund Nicholas Keple by Jeffrey Bowman (Twitter)


Nerdbird by Alex Eben Meyer (Twitter) and Dead Tweeter by Jerrod Landon Porter (Twitter)

x-will-bryant c-poccuo

Mr Smalls by Will Bryant (Twitter) and Poccuagami by Chris Maier (Twitter)


The Social Bird icon set by Inspired Magazine

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Released under the Creative Commons Licensee Attribution-Share Alike 2.5

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