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Everyone’s got a side project. Or at least they’ve got one in mind. It’s finding the time and the initiative to actually dive into it, that’s the tricky part.

The thing is, anyone can do it. You just need a little push and some good advice. That’s where the SideProject eBook comes in. Stocked with dozens of interviews with app developers, you’ll learn how they took an idea and pushed it all the way to a successful side business.

SideProject eBook Highlights:

  • Over 30 Informative Interviews
    Learn how 39 bootstrapped developers created successful apps without a single dollar of funding. Many didn’t even quit their day jobs.
  • Popular Projects
    You’ll get the lowdown on how developers took a simple idea and turned it into a fully functional and profitable app. Popular apps include Gumroad, Trism, Ventrilode, Domainr, Hours Tracker, Tiny Plane, Checkout Helper, Enigmo, Sticky Notes, Photo 365, and many more.
  • Skyrocket to Fame
    Get the secrets of how one app developer shot up the popularity chart with his top 10 app in the iPhone App Store. See how being featured by Apple can do to your sales numbers.
  • Profitability
    How can you turn a sorry shoestring budget of a website into an amazing project that pulls in $50,000 a year for you? Read the SideProject eBook to learn how!
  • Great for Amateurs
    Even if you have little to no coding experience, you can still learn a great deal. One amateur app developer actually built an iPhone app only to get featured on Oprah, Mashable, and Good Morning America!
  • Multiple Formats
    The SideProject eBook is delivered to you in multiple formats (PDF, Mobi, and ePub), so you can enjoy it on a variety of different devices.
  • Get Inspired
    Each tale of true profitability from one or two developers will tell you how they came up with their idea, how they snagged their first user, and how they made it up to their 100th user.

What others are saying:

“Everyone should have a side project, read this book – if you don’t have one it will pound it into you.”– Sahil Lavingia Gumroad, Side Project Builder

“People tell me that they’re waiting for the perfect idea, but take a look at the 39 businesses featured here. None of them screams “perfect idea” — they’re all ordinary ideas created by regular people who executed on them successfully.” – Patrick McKenzie Kalzumeus Software, Founder

“Get this book and start learning from real-world examples.” – Sacha Greif, Side Project Builder


You can normally purchase the SideProject eBook for just $34, but for a limited time only, all 39 of these inspiring stories of profitability can be yours in one handy eBook for just $17! That’s a 50% savings!

Deal terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats, to read on your computer, Kindle, iPad or any other eReader.
  • Licensed per person. May not be shared.

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