The Secret Behind BuySellAds’ Big Success

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If you haven’t literally lived under a rock for the last 15 months, you already know that BuySellAds is one of the fastest growing startups and the most popular advertising marketplace in the design / developer online niche. Somehow, in just a few months, Todd Garland (the brain behind BSA) managed to motivate tons of publishers to constantly deliver useful posts and to gather a strong advertising crowd to invest in these publishers by getting their ads in front of the readers.

But this is not rocket science, right? How could this service become so popular by doing just one simple thing (matching good content with relevant ads)? Well we must take a closer look at the BSA ecosystem to clear things out. So we have a bunch of websites with great content (more than 2.000 actually), and some advertisers (over 200) that want their ads to be viewed by the right target. Now add to the equation the facts that more than half of the BSA system actions are automated, that the most advertisers have useful services for designers & developers and that almost all websites are updated every single day. What you get? The winning formula, described below in (not such a glossy) infographic piece.


Disclosure: Inspired Mag is one of the BSA publishers and I am very happy to help Todd with the Twitter stream. The numbers above are estimative, based on the public BSA listings, not the official numbers.

What do you think? Do you use BSA, do you have some tips or maybe another theory? Please leave your take in the comments!

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