The Most Exciting Designers at the NYFW

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Although vintage fashion and vintage retro styles have been popular for a while, new designers atNew Yorkfashion week are bringing new flair to the current trends and styles. AtNew Yorkfashion week there were plenty of vintage dresses and other vintage-inspired styles, but the designers that stood out were the new designers that brought something completely new to the table. Among these designers were the following 6 new designers that are breathing new life into the current fashion trends and styles of the day. These designers will continue to rise and influence fashions for many years to come.

Mauricio Alpizar with Gossip Couture

Mauricio Alpizar is focused on bringing a level of sexy to fashion that has been absent for several seasons. While many other designers are creating demure styles inspired from the more modest trends of the past, Mauricio Alpizar brings bold styles and unabashedly sexy clothing pieces to the fashion world. Most of his pieces are full of body-con styles, with short dresses, tight clothing, hot pants, and slinky maxi dresses characterizing his current fashion styles. If you want to look trendy with a little extra sex appeal, try the styles of Mauricio Alpizar and Gossip Couture.

Alexey Sorokin with Homo Consommatus

Alexey Sorokin has the goal of reawakening the public’s desire for locally-created styles and clothing pieces. He works with authentic pieces, such as leather, fur, and wool. His brand is inspired by the local stylings of clothing from hundreds of years ago, when people wore clothing created from the animals and plants that were native to their region. All of his clothing mixes old-world traditions with current techno trends that is quite engaging and unique.

Emily Saunder

Emily Saunder started her fashion career designing costumes for plays and other stage events around the world. Just recently, she has turned to creating real-world fashions for off-the-stage women, that includes rich elements like feathers, peplum, and shift dresses. Her casual yet elegant style fits in well with current design trends and adds interesting and textural differences to her clothing that bring some elements of costuming to life, but in a way that fits in with the more mainstream fashions of everyday life.

Rozae Nichols with Clover Canyon

Rozae Nichols is all about mixing international prints and textures from all over the world. Most of the clothing pieces created in this line have casual silhouettes, and laid-back styles, but it is the patterns and textures that make the designs stand out. Rozae Nichols mixes digital prints of unusual designs, like African beading, costume jewellery, and royal jewels from different countries around the world. These digital prints are expanded and distorted onto the clothing, creating pieces that stand out from the crowd, even with their simple styling. If you love patterns, then you will love the new designs from Rozae Nichols.

Monika Chiang

Monika Chiang is all about mixing the feminine and masculine together into a cohesive outfit. All pieces is her line mix ladylike silhouettes offset with masculine details like studs, chains, or spikes. She also loves to mix neutrals with vibrant, bold colors, which is very of-the-moment and trendy. For designer-lovers that prefer a little less out-of-the-box designs, Monika Chiang clothing pieces are the perfect choice.

Nina Skarra

It is easy to see that Nina Skarra is inspired by old fashioned Scandinavian styles and clothing pieces. She mixes modern and ancient clothing designs, mixing basic clothing patterns with traditional Scandinavian accents like pleating, knits, ruffles, and furs. All of the clothing created by Nina Skarra is 100 percent organaic and uses completely biodegradable materials for a sustainable clothing line that is both trendy and eco-friendly. Members of the royal families in Scandinavian countries wear many of her clothing pieces on a regular basis.

These new designers will continue to change the face of fashion everywhere from New York to Europe and beyond. Let us know which one if your favorite and if you have any other designers on your radar.

This is a guest post by Liz Conaty, part time blogger and full time fashion fanatic. Entranced by innovations in womens clothing and the whole industry, I don’t see this passion dying out any time soon!