The Most Creative 10 Websites and Apps Built on Top of Twitter

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Tweeting all day about design stuff is one of my favorite things lately, but Twitter is much more than that. A lot of creative folks have build whole new websites and services around Twitter and we’re showcasing the best 10. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments area.

The Longest Poem in the World


The Longest Poem in the World is composed by aggregating real-time public twitter updates and selecting those that rhyme. It is constantly growing at ~4000 verses / day

Almost At – Be There Without Being There


Following people at real-world events in real time from the comfort of your couch-n-laptop

Freezly – All The Freebies in One Place


Freezly answers the question “What’s free on the Internet?” by aggregating giveaways found on Twitter so that you can simply pick and try to win whatever giveaways interest you.

Just Bought It – Find Put What Others Are Buying

just is a location-based social shopping app that allows you to share photos and tweets on amazing finds as you stumble upon them

We Are Hunted – The Twitter Music Chart


We discover new music from around the web and detect sentiment, expression and advocacy to understand what people like and dislike

Twisten.FM – Twitter meets The Hype Machine

twisten is a mashup that crawls Twitter for tweets about music. It then takes those tweets and throws in a play button so that you can listen to the song being talked about.

Twitmatic – The Twitter TV


Twitmatic is a real-time stream of videos being shared on Twitter

Cursebird – What The f#@!


Cursebird is a real-time feed of people swaring on Twitter

Tori’s Eye – Instant Twitter Visuals


Tori’s eye is a Twitter visualization tool, inspired by papercraft and origami. It’s a visual and technical experiment implemented using only standard XHTML/CSS and Javascript

Twistori – The First Creative Twitter Mashup


Twistori is based on twitter, inspired by wefeelfine, hand-crafted by amy hoy and thomas fuchs of slash.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Paul Randall

    I, along with Ollie Parsley create the H1 Debate:

    To cast your vote, simply include your message with the hashtag #h1logo or #h1title. Your tweet will automatically go into it’s respective column, and your first vote will be counted. Subsequent tweets will not count.

    To follow news, stories and other information regarding H1 markup, follow @h1debate.

  • twiiter is nt poplular 11 k searches a month is low

    @Paul Randall is this your site

    i dont get it its washed out with spam

    prove me wrong pls explain why its cool

  • Rak

    Mashup of Google maps and local twitter trends from, this map will show the top 10 trending phrases in over 80+ major cities around the world.

  • Great twitter apps here. Seems like freezly is cool :)

  • Jon

    I recommend you add a mashup featuring different facts about Africa each day.

  • John Andrews

    Have you seen ? I really enjoy that. Very inventive.

  • What about ootweet? It allows you to save your tweets and discussions with a bookmarklet:

  • Seth

    Sporting event attendance app, just launched. Still working out some things, but I think it has some promise.

  • First I have seen of these apps. Thanks for the article, I think you have just filled my next couple of hours. Brilliant!

  • Check out GeoChirp – – a neat Twitter and Google maps mashups – which shows tweets within 50 miles of any location in the world.
    Features like ‘RSS Feeds’ for search results, real time results and ‘tweet language translation’ are fairly useful.

  • Josh Hemsley

    Another addition:

    Take general notes and keep track of why you followed or unfollowed someone. Also tag & organize your Twitter peeps.

    The app was a top 10 finalist in the 2009 Rails Rumble 48 hour app competition.

  • @BenRama

    I apologise if it came out spammy. I wrote a nice post explaining the concept on my iPhone, but it did not appear to submit, so I instead of retyping the whole comment again, I used some copy from the site instead. Sorry if it sounded spammy.

    In web design there is such a thing called semantics (reflecting intended structure and meaning) and when marking up a website you have various options of header tag. H1 to H6.

    There has always been a debate as to the correct ‘semantic’ use of the headings, and this site allows you to send a tweet with a hashtag, and count it as a vote – so it is essentially a twitter voting site, aimed at a particular topic.

    If you would like more info, I wrote my personal opinion on the subject over on my blog:

  • Very cool post. Thanks! I like the origami birds best.

  • Great list!

    We Are Hunted rocks ;D.

  • Inspiring article indeed.

    Front page of displays five most recent tweets about “smart ideas”. It is also possible to display tweets for similar phrases, such as “smart idea”, “great idea”, “good idea”, etc.

  • Great work! Well done and thanks for sharing.

  • Nice list. Here is one more